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OR2013: Open Repositories Confront Research Data

By Chuck

July 19, 2013

Open Repositories 2013 was hosted by the University of Prince Edward Island from July 8-12. A strong research data stream ran throughout this conference, which was attended by over 300 participants from around the globe. To my delight, many IASSISTers were in attendance, including the current IASSIST President and four Past-Presidents! Rarely do such sightings happen outside an IASSIST conference. IASSIST Five Presidents by Limor Peer This was my first Open Repositories conference and after the cool reception that research data received at the SPARC IR meetings in Baltimore a few years ago, I was unsure how data would be treated at this conference.

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Introducing the IASSIST Data Visualization Interest Group (DVIG!)

By ALeahey

March 31, 2013

Hello fellow IASSISTer’s  With the upcoming 2013 Conference nearing, we thought it very fitting to introduce you all to the newly created IASSIST Data Visualization Interest Group. Formed over the winter and now spring of 2013, this group brings together over 46 IASSIST members from across the world (literally across-the-world! check out the map of our locations), who are all interested in data visualization. We hope to share a range of skills and information around tools, best practice visualization, and discuss innovative representations of data, statistics, and information.

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Some reflections on research data confidentiality, privacy, and curation by Limor Peer

By michellehudson

March 7, 2013

Some reflections on research data confidentiality, privacy, and curation Limor Peer Maintaining research subjects' confidentiality is an essential feature of the scientific research enterprise. It also presents special challenges to the data curation process. Does the effort to open access to research data complicate these challenges? A few reasons why I think it does: More data are discoverable and could be used to re-identify previously de-identified datasets; systems are increasingly interoperable, potentially bridging what may have been insular academic data with other data and information sources; growing pressure to open data may weaken some of the safeguards previously put in place; and some data are inherently identifiable.

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In search of: Best practice for code repositories?

I was asked by a colleague about organized efforts within the economics community to develop or support repositories of code for research. Her experience was with the astrophysics world which apparently has several and she was wondering what could be learned from another academic community. So I asked a non-random sample of technical economists with whom I work, and then expanded the question to cover all of social sciences and posed the question to the IASSIST community.

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IASSIST Quarterly (2011: Fall)

By StuartM

January 31, 2012

Sharing data and building information With this issue (volume 35-3, 2011) of the IASSIST Quarterly (IQ) we return to the regular format of a collection of articles not within the same specialist subject area as we have seen in recent special issues of IQ. Naturally the three articles presented here are related to the IQ subject area in general, as in: assisting research with data, acquiring data from research, and making good use of the user community.

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86 helpful tools for the data professional PLUS 45 bonus tools

By jkitlas

October 29, 2011

I have been working on this (mostly) annotated collection of tools and articles that I believe would be of help to both the data dabbler and professional. If you are a data scientist, data analyst or data dummy, chances are there is something in here for you. I included a list of tools, such as programming languages and web-based utilities, [data mining]{.zem_slink} resources, some prominent organizations in the field, repositories where you can play with data, events you may want to attend and important articles you should take a look at.

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10 significant visualisation developments

By jajacobs

July 7, 2011

Interesting collection of visualization developments:  10 significant visualisation developments: January to June 2011 Visualising Data (July 7th, 2011)

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Sensitive data and the US Patriot Act

By pheus

June 30, 2011

The series of articles below might be of interest to some of you planning or working with sensitive data in the cloud. Microsoft admits Patriot Act can access EU-based cloud data See also ZDNet’s Patriot Act series: ZDNet’s USA PATRIOT Act series Summary Part 1: USA PATRIOT Act and the controversy of Canada Part 2: Safe Harbor: Why EU data needs ‘protecting’ from U.S. law Part 3: How the USA PATRIOT Act can be used to access EU data Part 4: USA PATRIOT Act: The myth of a secure European cloud

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IASSIST Quarterly (IQ) volume 34-2 now on the web

By robin

May 17, 2011

The new issue of the IASSIST Quarterly is now available on the web. This is the volume 34 (number 2, 2010). The layout has changed. We hope you’ll enjoy the new style presented. It seems to be a more modern format and more suited for the PDF presentation on the web. Walter Piovesan – our publication officer – had a biking accident. To show that nothing is so bad that it is not good for something Walter used his recovery time to redesign the IQ.

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Wrangle, Refine, and Represent (Data Visualization Tools from the CAR Conference)

By joel.herndon

March 16, 2011

I wanted to share a blog post from our local Data and GIS blog that may be of interest to the IASSIST community. Each of the tools varies in it’s focus and applicability for data work- but they might be helpful for various data tasks focusing on cleaning and representing data online. On a slightly related note, I was very impressed with the CAR (Computer Assisted Reporting) Conference and the IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors Group).

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