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Editor's Notes: IASSIST gone glocal

By IQ Editor on December 26, 2021

Welcome to the special double issue of IASSIST Quarterly 2021 (IQ vol. 45(3-4) 2021) . IASSIST is an acronym. You may think that the word is the contraction of the two words ‘I assist’. In my mind, you are right! Whether the word IASSIST or the long explanation of seven words came first is the problem of the chicken and the egg. However, it is undisputed that when it is spelled out, the first I in IASSIST is for International.

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Introducing the Open Research Toolkit

By Christopher Eaker on December 2, 2021

Introducing the Open Research Toolkit Open research helps increase the visibility of important discoveries and extend them to new places. It helps to increase participation in research by underrepresented and underfunded groups. The open research ecosystem extends beyond just open access to data and publications. The principles of openness in research should extend to the entire research lifecycle. Have you wanted to learn more about open research, how you can promote it at your institution, and how you can embrace its principles in your own work?

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Editor's Notes: Data management for students, researchers, and data science projects

By IQ Editor on September 28, 2021

Welcome to the second issue of IASSIST Quarterly 2021 (IQ vol. 45(2) 2021) . Data management is the focal point of the articles in this issue of the IQ. Aspects of data management have often been the central topic of many earlier IQ articles. Metaphorically simply said: Data is what IASSIST members breathe - data management is how we breathe it. The first two articles concern raising the attention and knowledge of data management among students and researchers.

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Final Call for Papers: Systemic Racism in Data Practices IASSIST Quarterly

By IQ Editor on June 14, 2021

Final Call: Systemic Racism in Data Practices Inspired by the work of Black scholars, technologists, and activists including Dr. Safiya Noble, Yeshimabeit Milner, and Joy Buolamwini, IASSIST Quarterly is publishing a special issue focusing on systemic racist practices in data. We invite you to submit a proposal that discusses anti-Blackness, anti-indigeneity, white supremacy, and racism against minoritized and marginalized communities in data, research, tools, and practices. Case studies, essays, book reviews, and articles will be considered.

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