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Promoting IASSIST at the -34 parallel

By Noé Nessel on April 12, 2023

IASSIST program sponsorship was given to the program Big Data: Cities of the Future (Workshop) held on April 4, 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina hosted by the “Martín Del Barco Centenera” Library. The website for the now completed event is available. The IASSIST liaison to the event Noé Nessel offers this reflection. Noé Nessel If you are reading these lines, I’m sure we’ll meet physically at an International Congress at some point.

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Editor's Notes: FAIR BOT. As metadata is data is metadata is data

By IQ Editor on March 31, 2023

Welcome to the first issue of IASSIST Quarterly for the year 2023 - (IQ vol. 47(1) 2023) . The last article in this issue has in the title the FAIR acronym that stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. These are the concepts most often focused on by our articles in the IQ and FAIR has an extra emphasis in this issue. The first article introduces and demonstrates a shared vocabulary for data points where the need arose after confusions about data and metadata.

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How Different Countries View Race

By Anti-Racism Resources Interest Group on March 11, 2023

The Black Lives Matter and indigenous rights movements, as well as international migration in recent years, have caused many organisations, including IASSIST, to re-examine their own understanding and knowledge, processes and practices. It also made IASSIST members feel compelled to collect materials that can help everyone recognise, acknowledge, and combat implicit racial bias. The goals of the Anti-Racism Resources Interest Group are to gather these resources and together with IASSIST’s Professional Development Committee organise webinars on related topics.

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Data Literacy Mini-Conference

By Leah Morin, Molly Lederman, Terence O'Neill on January 31, 2023

The Data Literacy Mini-Conference, generously sponsored by the Michigan Academic Library Association Instruction & Information Literacy Interest Group and IASSIST, took place Monday, October 24 at Michigan State University Libraries in East Lansing, Michigan. Forty attendees from a variety of small and large libraries enjoyed a keynote address about a hip-hop epistemology of knowledge in LIS. Next, attendees participated in a speed networking experience that randomly shuffled table groups until participants met just about everyone in the room.

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