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iBlog is IASSIST’s own blog. Entries on various topics are written by our members.

Welcome to the third issue of volume 44 of the IASSIST Quarterly

By Karsten Boye Rasmussen on September 23, 2020

Welcome to the third issue of volume 44 of the IASSIST Quarterly (IQ 44(3) 2020). Transparency is a prerequisite for valid analysis of data. Full disclosure of all aspects of the creation process is necessary for the evaluation of a data collection. The Roper Center has collaborated, assembled and developed standards, and performed scoring of datasets to facilitate the evaluation of data. It is easy to say that all aspects of data collection are important, but with more knowledge about the process of data curation PhD students become aware of how it is important for their research.

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Summary of the online discussion, Towards Defining Geospatial Data Literacy

By Amanda Tickner & Jennie Murack on September 15, 2020

The Geospatial Interest Group hosted a webinar and discussion on March 24, 2020, Towards Defining Geospatial Data Literacy, in order for participants to think about data literacy concepts that are unique to geospatial data and how these are presented in our teaching. Little has been written specifically about geospatial data literacy and the goal of this discussion was to gather information on what GIS and data educators see as important components.

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Racism, Data, and IASSIST

By IASSIST on September 13, 2020

Since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, race and racism have been in the headlines around the globe. The Black Lives Matter movement may have been born out of a uniquely American situation but the wrongs against which it protests exist in other parts of the world. If we learn nothing else from the current global focus on racism and its historical precedents, we learn that taking comfort in being ‘not racist’ is insufficient, bordering on complacent.

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Countries closing down - Reproducibility keeping science open

By Karsten Boye Rasmussen on July 2, 2020

Welcome to volume 44 of the IASSIST Quarterly. Here in 2020 we start with a double issue on reproducibility (IQ 44(1-2)). The start of 2020 was in the sign of Corona. Though we are now only in the middle of the year, we can say with confidence that 2020 will be known for the closing down of nearly all public life. From our very own world this included the move of the IASSIST 2020 conference to 2021.

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