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Stephen S. Clark Library for Maps, Government Information, and Data Services is open for business!


December 5, 2011

Three cheers for Jen Green!!!  When not keeping IASSIST finances in check as the IASSIST Treasurer, Jennifer Green, director of the new Stephen S. Clark Library for Maps, Government Information, and Data Services, at the University of Michigan has been busy getting the library in shape for the recent opening day! Check out the announcement of the grand opening festivities in the Record Update (a publication of the Office of the Vice President for Communications at the University of Michigan) and don’t miss the brand new website of the Setphen S.

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IASSIST Quarterly (IQ) volume 34-2 now on the web

By robin

May 17, 2011

The new issue of the IASSIST Quarterly is now available on the web. This is the volume 34 (number 2, 2010). The layout has changed. We hope you’ll enjoy the new style presented. It seems to be a more modern format and more suited for the PDF presentation on the web. Walter Piovesan – our publication officer – had a biking accident. To show that nothing is so bad that it is not good for something Walter used his recovery time to redesign the IQ.

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Torture, Numbers, and Digital Tape

The IASSIST Quarterly (IQ) volume 33 number 3 is now on the web: [] With this issue concentrating on quantitative investigations and the use of statistics, I came to think of the Mark Twain citation “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” With the violent title of the first article (see below), the article on numbers and statistics, and the report from a national statistics agency, the “Torture,Numbers, and Digital Tape” title surfaced.

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