Conference Committees 2014

Conference Committees 2014

The Program Committee is responsible for deciding on an annual conference title as well as general thematic structure. The Program Chairs are responsible for the intellectual content of the conference, and choosing members of the multi-national Program Committee, deciding how it will function, and assigning responsibilities to its members. The Committee works along with the Local Arrangements Committee to set an agenda for putting together sessions, plenaries, workshops, and social events.

Contact the 2014 committees:
Program Committee: iassist40 [ at ]
Local Arrangements Committee: iassist2014 [ at ]

Program Committee

Chuck Humphrey, University of Alberta, Canada
Jen Green, University of Michigan, USA
Johan Fihn, SND, Sweden
Session Planning
Samantha Guss (Poster Session Coordinator)
Lynda Kellam (Workshop Coordinator)
Amber Leahey (Pecha Kucha Coordinator)
Jacob R. Carlson
Jackie Carter
James Doiron
Jennifer Doty
Robert Downs
Walter Giesbrecht
Laurence Horton
Sylvie Lafortune
Kevin Manuel
Steven McEachern
Ron Nakao
Kristi Thompson
Berenica Vejvoda
Wendy Watkins
Past Co-Chairs/2013 Ex-Officio
Jennifer Darragh, Johns Hopkins University, USA
David Schiller, IAB, Germany
Berenica Vejvoda, University of Toronto, Canada

Local Arrangements Committee

Kevin Manuel, Ryerson University (chair)
Berenica Vejvoda, University of Toronto
Walter Giesbrecht, York University
LAC Advisory Group
Dylanne Dearborn
Michelle Edwards
Johan Fihn
Suzette Giles
Vince Gray
Jennifer Green
Dave Haans
Chuck Humphrey
Amber Leahey
Steve Marks
Susan Mowers
Andrew Nicholson
Laine Ruus
Dany Savard
Leanne Trimble
Leap Communications Group
Jack Mlynek
Peggy Peacock
Doreen Ostrowski

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