IASSIST 2019: Data down under: Exploring "data firsts"

Host city: Sydney

Dates: May 27-31, 2019


Open Source Solutions for Curation and Dissemination: Introducing New Multi-Data and Multi-Standard World Bank Tools and Schemas
Welch, Matthew (World Bank)
Dupriez, Oliver (World Bank)
Asghar, Mahmood (World Bank)
Sharp, Michael (The Pacific Community (SPC))
Pontifex, Scott (The Pacific Community (SPC))

Improving Outreach Services to Data Users in Uganda: A Case of Uganda Bureau of Statistics
Akullo, Winny Nekesa (Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority)
Akello, Cissy (YMCA Comprehensive Institute)
Oyelude, Adetoun (Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan)

Statistical Open Data: Comparing Mongolia with Other National Open Data Systems
Lkhagva, Myagmarsuren (National Statistical Office of Mongolia)

Putting Data Policies "First" in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects
Abioye, Abiola (Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of Ibadan)
Oyelude, Adetoun (Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan)

Examining Barriers for Establishing a National Data Service
Štebe, Janez (University of Ljubljana, Social Sciences Data Archives (ADP))

How to deal with Persistent Identifiers? A Survey on PID usage within CESSDA ERIC
Borschewski, Kerrin (GESIS)
Hausstein, Brigitte (GESIS)

Informal Data Citation: The Impact on Tracking Shared Data Reuse
Moss, Elizabeth (ICPSR, University of Michigan)
Lyle, Jared (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

Toward Connected Scholarly Works Using Graph Technology
Zwagerman, Michelle (Analysis & Policy Observatory)

Teaching Contextual Evaluation to Professional Students for Data (Re)Use
Sheley, Christina (Indiana University Bloomington)
Arave, Gary (Indiana University Bloomington)

Data Virtually
Amen-Ra, Ambyr (ICPSR)
Monzon, Bianca (ICPSR)
Jekielek, Susan (ICPSR)

First Datathon: Learning about Data via an After-School Data Club
Brodsky, Meryl (Eastern Michigan University)
Getz, Kelly (Eastern Michigan University)

How Many Ways Can We Teach Data Literacy
Dai, Yun (Library, New York University Shanghai)

A Data Curation Framework for Humanities, Arts and Social Science Research in Australia
Mason, Ingrid (AARNet)

The Data Curation Network: Leveraging Expertise to Curate Data at Scale
Blake, Mara (Johns Hopkins University)
Herndon, Joel (Duke University)

Community Built Research Data Infrastructure: The Dataverse Project
Brooke, Danny (Harvard University)

Building Trust in Scientific Data: CoreTrustSeal Certification & the World Data System
Edmunds, Rorie (World Data System)
Leasor, Heather (Australian Data Archive)

ICPSR and CoreTrustSeal: Repository Certification Experiences and Opportunities
Lyle, Jared (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

It's Not Quite Wakanda: Preserving Indigenous Cultural Heritage Augmented and Virtual Reality Environments
Kirby, Jasmine (Iowa State University of Science and Technology)
Riopelle, Cameron (University of Miami)

Canada at a Crossroad: RDM and the Broader Digital Research Landscape
Moon, Jeffrey (CARL Portage)

Sustainable European Multilingual Vocabularies: A Model for Cooperation in Metadata Management among European Data Archives
Barbalet, Suzanne (UK Data Service)
Bolton, Sharon (UK Data Service)

Transforming the Australian Research Sector through a Coordinated National Skills Program
Simons, Natasha (Australian Research Data Commons)

Skilling Up Even More to Do Data for Reproducibility
Christian, Thu-Mai (Odum Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Peer, Limor (Institution for Social and Policy Studies)
Arguillas, Florio (Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research)

DDI 4 - The Potential as a Metadata Standard for Cross-Domain Research Data
Wackerow, Joachim (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
McEachern, Steven (Australian Data Archive)

Automated Techniques for Measuring Metadata Quality
Spencer, Samuel (Aristotle Cloud Services Australia)
White, Harry (Aristotle Cloud Services Australia)

QAMyData: An Open Source Tool for Checking (and Teaching) Data Quality
Corti, Louise (UK Data Archive)

Standards and Scoring to Increase Transparency for Archived Public Opinion Data
Weldon, Kathleen (Roper Center for Public Opinion Research)
Kellam, Lynda (University of North Carolina - Greensboro)

Transnational Access to Controlled Microdata for Research - Overcoming Barriers
Silberman, Roxane (CASD (Secure Data Access Centre) & CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research)
Gadouche, Kamel (CASD (Secure Data Access Centre))
Lichtwardt, Beate (UK Data Service, University of Essex)
Mueller, Dana (IAB-FDZ (Research Data Centre of the German Federal Employment Agency)
Bender, Stefan (Deutsche Bundesbank)
Hirsch, Christian (Deutsche Bundesbank)
Doll, Hendrik (Deutsche Bundesbank)
Hjelm, Claus-Göran (Statistics Sweden)
Bøegh Nielsen, Peter (Statistics Denmark)

Trust, Efficiency, and Equity in Data Market Design
Reeson, Andrew (Data 61, CSIRO)
Sanderson, Todd (Data 61, CSIRO)
Box, Paul (Land & Water, CSIRO)

Understanding the Value of Data
Sanderson, Todd (CSIRO)
Reeson, Andrew (CSIRO)
Box, Paul (CSIRO)

The role of subjective norm in the prediction of researchers' intentions to share data – Explanations by the Theory of Planned Behavior
Akdeniz, Esra (GESIS - Leibniz Insitute for the Social Sciences)
Perry, Anja (GESIS - Leibniz Insitute for the Social Sciences)

Democratization of Data in an Emerging Economy
Obileye, Olatunbosun (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture)

Building Champions for the Community: a Train the Trainer Model for Digital Research in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Sumner, Tyne (University of Melbourne)
Tindall, Alexis (eRSA)

Capturing their "First" dataset: A graduate course to walk PhD students through the curation of their dissertation data
Sapp Nelson, Megan (Purdue University West Lafayette)
Kong, Ningning (Nicole) (Purdue University West Lafayette)

Getting in Touch with Metadata: A DDI Subset for FAIR Metadata Production by Researchers
Aguiar Castro, João (INESC TEC)
Ribeiro, Cristina (INESC TEC)
Rodrigues, Joana (INESC TEC)

Skilling Up: Using Canvas to Teach Research Data Management
Muilenburg, Jennifer (University of Washington Libraries)

Concurrent B4
Countless "Firsts": The Inaugural Year of a Data Science Librarian
Labou, Stephanie (University of California San Diego)

Reproducibility Fast Track: Sprint, Leap of Faith, Hurdles, and Long Distance
Heslop, Janet (CISER - Cornell University)
Arguillas, Florio (CISER - Cornell University)
Alexander, Daniel (CISER - Cornell University)
Block, William (CISER - Cornell University)
Christian, Thu-Mai (University of North Carolina)
Peer, Limor (Yale University)
Vilhuber, Lars (Cornell University)

Statistical Disclosure Control: A Graphic Interface for sdcMicro
Welch, Matthew (World Bank)

Anonymization of Online Panel Survey Data: A Case Study
Kocar, Sebastian (Australian Data Archive, CSRM, ANU)
Biddle, Nicholas (ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods, ANU)
McEachern, Steven (Australian Data Archive, CSRM, ANU)

ImPACT (Infrastructure for Privacy-Assured CompuTations) Integrates Dataverse Trusted Remote Storage Agents
Crabtree, Jonathan (UNC Chapel Hill Odum Institute)

From a Data Archive to Data Science: Supporting Current Research
Dennis, Tim (UCLA, Data Science Center)
Grappone, Todd (UCLA)

Making Data a Priority: Stories from the Trenches of the Library Data Wars
Jester, Ashley (Stanford Libraries)

Introducing Data Governance in Higher Education: Tales of a First Chief Data Officer
Cannon, San (University of Rochester)

Librarian and Information Specialist Supported Evidence Synthesis
Riegelman, Amy (University of Minnesota)
Young, Sarah (Carnegie Mellon University)
McDonald, Steve (Cochrane Australia & Monash University)
Marsalis, Scott (University of Minnesota)

Archiving Qualitative Online Source: Obstacles, Strategies, and Lessons
Karcher, Sebastian (Qualitative Data Repository)

Updates on ICPSR's Social Media Archive (SOMAR)
Hemphill, Libby (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

Video Game Data - The Untouched Potential of the Gamer as a Data-Generator
Fleet, Robert (Intersect Australia)

What the U.S. Digital Analytics Program (DAP) Data Can & Cannot Tell Us: Investigating U.S. Government Website Usage Over Time
Marshall, Amy (Purdue University Fort Wayne)
Dianat, Oldooz (Revenue NSW)

Data Use Trajectories over Time in the Social Sciences
Pienta, Amy (University of Michigan)
Hemphill, Libby (University of Michigan)
Akmon, Dharma (University of Michigan)

If You Build It, Will They Come?: Sustaining Open Data Portals
Paige, Bonnie (Colby College)
Kellam, Lynda (UNC Greensboro)

Tinkering with the Past - Spatializing Historical Census Data in Australia
McEachern, Steven (Australian Data Archive)
Rigby, Michael (Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network)
McDougall, Janet (Australian Data Archive)
Clough, Josh (Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network)

Acquired Data Services: Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries
Kulp, Christina (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)

Historical Data Conversion and Archiving: Development of Metadata, Conversion and Archiving of Time Series Data of the Completed Censuses and Surveys of the BBS
Roy, Chandra Shekhar (Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics)

Working with Sensitive Research Data: The Qualitative Data Repository's WSRD Project
Kapiszewski, Diana (Georgetown University / Qualitative Data Repository)
Elman, Colin (Syracuse University)
Kirilova, Dessislava (Syracuse University)
Karcher, Sebastian (Syracuse University)

Researcher Passports and Open Badges: The Latest in ICPSR's Efforts to Provide Secure, Trustworthy Access to Restricted Data
Davidson Bleckman, Johanna (ICPSR)
Hemphill, Libby (ICPSR/U-M School of Information)

GDPR Compliance and Data Management Planning – An Integrated Approach
Segadal, Katrine (NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data)
Myhren, Marianne (NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data)
Kvamme, Trond (NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data)
Jondahl, Ida (NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data)

Changes in Australian National Ethics Policy for Managing and Sharing Human Research Data
Wong, Paul (Australian Research Data Commons)
Russell, Keith (Australian Research Data Commons)

The Social Architecture Approach – Using Data Practice Archetypes to Explore the Socio-Technical Nature of Information Infrastructure
Box, Paul (CSIRO)
Lee, Ashlin (CSIRO)
Kotanski, Laura (ThinkPlace)
Mason, Clair (CSIRO)

Reproducibility, Preservation, and Access to Research with ReproZip and ReproServer
Rampin, Rémi (New York University)
Steeves, Vicky (New York University)
Chirigati, Fernando (New York University)

How Can Research Projects Benefit from Standardized Metadata like DDI?
Perry, Anja (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
Watteler, Oliver (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
Zenk-Möltgen, Wolfgang (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
Gregory, Arofan (Open Data Foundation)

Accessible Data Visualization and Digital Mapping: Beyond Color Blindness
Tickner, Amanda (Michigan State University Library)

Reactions vs Reality: Using Sentiment Analysis to Measure University Students' Confidence of Concepts While Learning ArcGIS
Hixson, Taylor (New York University Abu Dhabi)

Extracting Geospatial Data from Maps
Shawa, Tsering (Princeton University)

Freedom's Loom: Weaving together Digital Collections on North American Slavery
Kowalski, Brandon (Cornell University)

Wedding Social Science Data to Geography: Couples Counseling
Thomas, Wendy (Minnesota Population Center)

Unleashing the Power of Data to Change Lives
Stent, Claire (Stats NZ)

Anticipating the Unanticipated: Establishing a Research Data Management Service
Graebner, Carla (Simon Fraser University)
Vejvoda, Berenica (Simon Fraser University)
Garnett, Alex (Simon Fraser University)
Mukunda, Keshav (Simon Fraser University)

Responding to Data Support Challenges with a Student "DataSquad"
Lackie, Paula (Carleton College)

The First Five Years of the Barnard ERC: A Model for Developing Comprehensive Undergraduate-focused Data Analysis Services
Rod, Alisa (Barnard College)
Carlson, Anna (Barnard College)
Koli, Fatima (Barnard College)
Silverman, Carolyn (University of Chicago NYC Crime Lab)
Weiman, David (Barnard College)
Wels Hirschorn, Alena (Barnard College)

Using Open Data for Education: A Case Study in the Environmental Sciences
Nicholson, Andrew (University of Toronto Mississauga)

Wading Deep into Canal Spatial Data: The "Geo" in RDM
Beard, Colleen (Brock University)

Lightning Talks
What to Do When Their Data Are Multimedia Objects
Lackie, Paula (Carleton College)

Openstat Madagascar: An Example of Open Data Advocacy by Civil Society
Rafidiharinirina, Fabienne Mananarivoarisoa (Madagascar Initiatives for Digital Innovation)

Gently Introducing The Command-Line Interface To Your Community
Painter, Zachary (Stanford University)

Static but not Boring – Making Data Services Visible on the Web
Alaterä, Tuomas J. (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)

Collaborative Data Services: The Case of Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI)
Karcher, Sebastian (Qualitative Data Repository)

If We Build It, Will They Use It? Demonstrating the Impact of Data-Sharing
Jekielek, Susan (ICPSR)

Evaluating Translation Quality in the ELSST Multilingual Thesaurus
Balkan, Lorna (UK Data Archive)

Promoting Data Deposit in SSJDA: Introducing the Improvements in Our New Data Management System
Wang, Shuai (The University of Tokyo)
Nake, Shuhei (The University of Tokyo)
Iriyama, Koichi (The University of Tokyo)
Miwa, Satoshi (The University of Tokyo)

Integrating Lifecycle Metadata into the R workflow - Implementing DDI4 in R
Wackerow, Joachim (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
Hoyle, Larry (KU Institute for Policy & Social Research)

Data from Start to Finish: The People, Processes, and Timespans Associated with Disseminating Data for Secondary Use
Akmon, Dharma (ICPSR)

DMPs: Hmmmmmm, I Think I Know What They Are But
Fry, Jane (MacOdrum Library, Carleton University, Ottawa ON)
Graebner, Carla (W.A.C. Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.)