IASSIST 2017 – Data in the Middle: The common language of research

Host city: Lawrence

Host: University of Kansas and co-hosted by Kansas University Libraries, Institute for Policy and Social Research, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank

Dates: May 23-26, 2017

Ordinal: 43

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Plenary 1: Data Writ Large: Technology, Culture and Collision
Daniel Reed (University of Iowa)

Plenary 2: Digital Agriculture: The Midwest Big Data Hub and Global Food Security
Jennifer Clarke (University of Nebraska Lincoln)

2017-05-23: Workshops

Collecting and Storing Data from Internet Based Sources
Peter Smyth (UK Data Service)

Curating for Reproducibility: Why and How to Review Data and Code
Limor Peer (Yale University)
Florio Arguillas (Cornell University)
Thu-Mai Christian (Odum Institute, UNC Chapel Hill)
Joshua Dull (Yale University)

2017-05-24: A2: Data Curation: Perception and Practice

Data curation: Perception and practice
Cynthia Hudson-Vitale (Washington University in St Louis)
Lisa Johnston (University of Minnesota)
Jacob Carlson (University of Michigan)
Wendy Kozlowski (Cornell University)

2017-05-24: A3: Documentation Challenges in Complex Data Collection Efforts

A school survey management system for educational assessments in Switzerland
Ingo Barkow (HTW Chur)
Catharina Wasner (HTW Chur)

Mobile SMS survey data management and preservation
Inna Kouper (Indiana University)
Charitha Madurangi (Indiana University)
Kunalan Ratharanjan (Indiana University)
Tom Evans (Indiana University)
Beth Plale (Indiana University)

Tales from the lab: A case study of metadata data management in complex behavioral studies
Pernu Menheer (University of Minnesota)
Andrew Sell (University of Minnesota)

2017-05-24: A4: Data Instruction in the Age of Data Science

Cheap, fast, or good - Pick two: Data instruction in the age of data science
Joel Herndon (Duke University)
Justin Joque (University of Michigan)
Angela Zoss (Duke University)

2017-05-24: B1: Programs of Instruction

CESSDA Training for data discovery
Jennifer Buckley (UK Data Service)
Vanessa Higgins (UK Data Service)
Jo Wathan (UK Data Service)

Does graduate training in the Social Sciences prepare students for data management and sharing?
Ashley Ebersole (ICPSR University of Michigan)
Jai Holt (ICPSR University of Michigan)

Reworking the workshop: designing data management workshops to align with behavioral change models
Elizabeth Wickes (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Supporting our researchers: The provision of data services in Canada: a case study
Jane Fry (Carleton University)
Chantal Ripp (Data Liberation Initiative, Statistics Canada)

2017-05-24: B2: Repository Strategies across Communities

The Data Seal of Approval in the Australian context - Assessing the Australian Data Archive as a Trusted Digital Repository.
Steven McEachern (Australian Data Archive)

DataverseNL – New developments of a data management support system for Dutch universities, research organisations, and higher education
Marion Wittenberg (Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS))
Peter Doorn (Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS))
Vyacheslav Tykhonov (Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS))

FAIR Data in Trustworthy Repositories: Everybody wants to play FAIR, but how do we put the principles into practice?
Ingrid Dillo (Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS))
Peter Doorn (Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS))

2017-05-24: B3: Infrastructure to Support Restricted Data Sharing

Using the 5-Safes framework: a case study of health data access in the UK
Carlotta Greci (The Health Foundation)
Arne Wolters (The Health Foundation)

Identifying less common types of restricted data
Trace Crago (Boise State University)
Amber Sherman (Boise State University)
Jean Barney (Boise State University)

Facilitating collaboration with restricted-use data
John Marcotte (ICPSR / University of Michigan)

UK Data Service responses to changes in the data landscape
Hersh Mann (UK Data Archive)

2017-05-24: B4: IASSIST: Data Professionals and Collaboration

Building a bigger data tent: What can IASSIST learn from CODATA?
Ernie Boyko (Carleton University (Retired))

Maximizing on The IASSIST Way: Data Support for All (without burning out)
Paula Lackie (Carleton College)
Adetoun Oyelude (University of Ibadan)
Libby Bishop (UK Data Archive, U of Essex)
Dessi Kirilova (Syracuse University)

2017-05-24: C1: Data, the Common Language with Different Dialects: Views of Data from Outside of the Social Sciences

Data and metadata standards for biodiversity inventory, modeling, and analysis: Darwin Core and EML
James Beach (University of Kansas)

Humanities linguistics data standards: State of the art challenges
Arienne Dwyer (University of Kansas)

Clinical integrated data repositories and observations regarding data sharing and national collaboration
Russ Waitman (University of Kansas)

2017-05-24: C2: Data Rescue

Accessing historical Canadian census boundaries just got a whole lot easier! A journey in data migration and cross-institutional collaboration
Amber Leahey (Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of University Libraries)

Documenting data rescue. The Ontario Data Community Data Rescue Group and the Data Rescue Curation Guide for Data Rescuers
Kristi Thompson (University of Windsor)
Leanne Trimble (University of Toronto)
Alexandra Cooper (Queen's University)

2017-05-24: C3: Ethical Sharing & Management of Data

Restricted Data Contracts: Current and Future Directions
Lisa Broniszewski (Penn State Population Research Institute)
Lisa Neidert (University of Michigan Population Research Center)
Jennifer Darragh (Duke University)
Loren Masters (Penn State Methodology Center)

Whose data ethics do you mean? Building common language with RCR
Nina Exner (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University)

2017-05-24: C4: Standards Based DDI Tools

No tools, No standard. An introduction to standards based tools
Johan Fihn (Swedish National Data Service)

Efficient and flexible DDI handling for the development of multiple applications
Oliver Hopt (GESIS)
Claus-Peter Klas (GESIS)
Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen (GESIS)
Alexander Mühlbauer (GESIS)

2017-05-24: Posters

Continuum of Statistics Canada’s Microdata Data Access Services
Chantal Ripp (Statistics Canada)

IFDO Poster
Jon Crabtree ()

IASSIST 2018 in Montreal
Berenica Vejvoda (McGill Library, McGill University)

A Complex Use Case - Documenting the Consumer Expenditure Survey at BLS
Daniel Gillman (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Evan Hubener (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Reginald Noel (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Bryan Rigg (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Arcenis Rojas (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Lucilla Tan (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Taylor Wilson (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

CODATA poster
Ernie Boyko (Canada National Committee for CODATA)
Simon Hodson (CODATA)

Creating Data Citations in LaTex for Economists
Courtney Butler (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)
Brett Currier (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)

Data Data Data! But Little to Work With
Adetoun Oyelude (University of Ibadan, Ibadan)

Developing Research Data Life Cycle Strategy: A Collaborative Approach at Fed Chicago
Deng Pan (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)

Legal and Ethical Challenges of Sharing Big Data
Libby Bishop (UK Data Archive and GESIS)
Simon Parker (UK Data Archive)

Metadata in the Middle
Colleen Fallaw (University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Promoting Data Usage in SSJDA: Introducing Our Secondary Analysis Workshops
Izumi Mori (The University of Tokyo)
Natsuho Tomabechi (The University of Tokyo)
Satoshi Miwa (The University of Tokyo)

Store It in a Cool Dry Place - Processing and Long-term Preservation of Research Data
Tuomas J. Alaterä (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)

Switching from Field Work Using ODK Powered Electronic Data Collection to Data Documentation in DDI: A Junior Data Documentation Officer’s Initial Impressions of DDI Codebook, Malawi Epidemiology Interventions and Research Unit (MEIRU)
Themba masangulusko Chirwa (Malawi Epidemiology Interventions and Research Unit (MEIRU)/ KPS)
Chifundo Kanjala (Malawi Epidemiology Interventions and Research Unit (MEIRU)/ KPS)
Dominic Nzundah (Malawi Epidemiology Interventions and Research Unit (MEIRU)/ KPS)

Using Backward Design to Create Research Data Management Professional Development for Information Professionals
Abigail Goben (University of Illinois-Chicago)
Megan Sapp Nelson (Purdue University)

Using Data to Make Sense of Data: The Case of Video Records of Practice in Education
Allison Tyler (University of Michigan)

Curation, Collaboration, and Coding—The Secret Sauce for Scholarship Support
Megan Potterbusch (Association of Research Libraries)
Cynthia Hudson-Vitale (Washington University in St. Louis Libraries)

2017-05-24: Posters

5 Minute Metadata: Informative Videos to Meet the Metadata Novice in the Middle
Lauren Eickhorst (Aristotle Metadata Registry)
Samuel Spencer (Aristotle Metadata Registry)

Archive of Data on Disability to Enable Policy and Research: Creating a Common Resource for Disability and Rehabilitation Stakeholders
Jai Holt (ICPSR)
Alison Stroud (ICPSR)

The Curating for Reproducibility (CURE) Consortium
Thu-Mai Christian (Odum Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Florio Arguillas (Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research, Cornell University)
Sophia Lafferty-Hess (Odum Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Limor Peer (Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University)

The State of Data Curation in ARL Libraries
Cynthia Hudson-Vitale (Washington University in St Louis)
Lisa Johnston (University of Minnesota)
Wendy Kozlowski (Cornell University)
Heidi Imker (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Jacob Carlson (University of Michigan)
Robert Olendorf (Pennsylvania State University)
Claire Stewart (University of Minnesota)

Documentation in the Middle: Active Phase Project Documentation for Inclusive and Effective Team-Based Research
Hailey Mooney (University of Michigan Library)
Jacob Carlson (University of Michigan Library)
Karen Downing (University of Michigan Library)
Lori Tschirhart (University of Michigan Library)

Finding a Data Sharing Solution: Connecting Journals to Harvard's Dataverse
Sonia Barbosa (Harvard Dataverse Repository)

Let’s Meet in the Middle: Facilitating Access to Administrative Data in the UK
Rowan Lawrance (UK Data Archive/ADRN)
Sabrina Iavarone (UK Data Archive/ADRN)

New Approaches to Facilitate Responsible Access to Sensitive Urban Data
Andrew Gordon (Center for Urban Science and Progress, NYU)
Rebecca Rosen (Center for Urban Science and Progress, NYU)
Daniel Castellani (Center for Urban Science and Progress, NYU)
Daniela Hochfellner (Center for Urban Science and Progress, NYU)
Julia Lane (Center for Urban Science and Progress, NYU)

Research Data Management and Academic Institutions: A Scoping Review
Leanne Trimble (University of Toronto)
Dylanne Dearborn (University of Toronto)
Ana Patricia Ayala (University of Toronto)
Erik Blondel (University of Toronto)
Tim Kenny (University of North Texas Health Science Center)
David Lightfoot (St. Michael's Hospital)
Heather MacDonald (Carleton University)

Social Science Data Archive Business Models: A Historical Analysis of Change over Time
Kristin Eschenfelder (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Kalpana Shankar (University College Dublin)
Allison Langham (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Rachel Williams (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Data Literacy for All, with R
Ryan Womack (Rutgers University Libraries)

Dueling CAQDAS – Using Atlas.ti and NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis
Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh (Georgia State University)
Florio Arguillas (Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER))

International Activities in Research Data Management Education: Tools and Approaches
Helen Tibbo (School of Information and Library Science, UNC-Chapel Hill)
Nancy McGovern (MIT)
Thu Mai Christian (Odum Institute, UNC-CH)
Jacob Carlson (University of Michigan)
Merce Crosas (Harvard University)
Robin Rice (University of Edinburgh)

Introduction to mapping QGIS
Megan Gall (Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law)

Preparing Qualitative Data For Sharing and Re-Use
Louise Corti (UK Data Archive, University of Essex)
Libby Bishop (UK Data Archive, University of Essex)
Sebastian Karcher (Qualitative Data Repository, Syracuse University)

You Can Too! Running a Successful Data Bootcamp for Novices
Ryan Clement (Middlebury College)

2017-05-25: D1: Strategies for Collaboration Across the Research Ecosystem

The staff's knowledge sharing in the Management and Planning Organization of Qazvin province
Shima Moradi (National Research Institute for Science Policy)
Zarrin Zare Poorkazemi (Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch)

Academic liaison librarians in the middle of research data management on campus
Patrick Griffis (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Michael Luesebrink (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Cinthya Ippoliti (Oklahoma State University)
Hui-Fen Chang (Oklahoma State University)
Helen Clements (Oklahoma State University)
Pat Hawthorne (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Clowns to the left of me, data to the right; stuck in the middle with you: Seeking middle ground for data instruction to non-specialists
Terrence Bennett (The College of New Jersey)
Shawn Nicholson (Michigan State University)

Knowledge management: Introduction and application for the social sciences and beyond
Spencer Acadia (University of Kentucky)
Frank Cervone (University of Illinois at Chicago)

2017-05-25: D2: Instructional Tools

Picturing data within the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy
Cameron Tuai (Drake University)

Teaching big data skills in the social sciences
Sarah King-Hele (UK Data Service, University of Manchester)

The Software/Data Carpentry Movements: How crowdsourced lessons, research-based pedagogy and peer learning are ameliorating deficits in data literacy and software development skills in academia
Tim Dennis (UCSD)
Juliane Schneider (Harvard Catalyst, Clinical and Translational Science Center)

Understanding data literacy requirements for assignments: A business school syllabus study
Meryl Brodsky (Eastern Michigan University)

2017-05-25: D3: National Infrastructure Initiatives

Challenges of providing outreach services to data users in Uganda; A Case of Uganda Bureau of Statistics
Winny Nekesa Akullo (Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority)
Godfrey Geoffrey Nabongo (Uganda Bureau of Statistics)
Patrick Odong (Uganda Christian University)

Portaging the landscape: Developing delivering a national RDM training infrastructure in Canada
Carol Perry (University of Guelph)
Jane Fry (Carleton University)
James Doiron (University of Alberta)

Putting the puzzle together- a picture of data centres in the UK
Joanne Webb (Administrative Data Research Network)

Swedish Research Data System
Johan Fihn (Swedish National Data Service)

2017-05-25: D4: Metadata in the Curation Workflow

C2Metadata project
George Alter (ICPSR, University of Michigan)
Jared Lyle (ICPSR, University of Michigan)
Jeremy Iverson (Colectica)

Building metadata for economic data description and access
Genevieve Podleski (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

Documenting non-survey data in the Social Sciences with DDI-Lifecycle
Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
Kerrin Borschewski (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)

2017-05-25: E1: Preservation Matters

Who cares about 3D data preservation?
Jennifer Moore (Washington University)
Hannah Scates Kettler (University of Iowa)

Preparing data files for preservation with Colectica Datasets
Jeremy Iverson (Colectica)
Dan Smith (Colectica)

You can’t replicate what you can’t find: Data preservation policies in economic journals
Courtney Butler (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)
Brett Currier (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)

2017-05-25: E2: Encouraging Data Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Publishing and reviewing data papers: experiences from the Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Louise Corti (UK Data Archive)
Peter Doorn (DANS)

Scooping the social sciences: how new metrics can help us make sense of data
Lily Troia (Altmetric)

Why do authors of social science journal articles share their data? Explanations by the Theory of Planned Behavior.
Esra Akdeniz (GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences)
Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen (GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences)

2017-05-25: E3: Tools for Reproducible Workflows Across the Research Lifecycle

Building up a Tool Chain to support the Research Data Life Cycle
David Schiller (TBA21 Germany)
Ingo Barkow (HTW Chur - University of Applied Sciences)

Reproducing and preserving research with ReproZip
Remi Rampin (New York University )
Vicky Steeves (New York University)
Fernando Chirigati (New York University)

Projects, Packrat, Tidyverse - New ways to do reproducible research in R
Alicia Hofelich Mohr (University of Minnesota)

2017-05-25: E4: Strategies for Delivering Data Services

Visualization Services in the Harvard College Library: Laying the groundwork
Hugh Truslow (Harvard College Library)

Data Librarian in the middle, creating instructional content for the digital humanities
Matthew Gertler (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Students helping students: Economic Library Student Assistants at Dartmouth College
John Cocklin (Dartmouth College )

2017-05-25: F1: Health Data: An International Comparative Deep Dive

Health data: An international comparative deep dive
Bobray Bordelon (Princeton University)
Jane Fry (Carleton University)
Ron Nakao (Stanford University)

2017-05-25: F2: Building Bridges for Qualitative Social Science and Humanities Researchers

Stuck in the middle with you: Building bridges for qualitative Social Science and Humanities researchers
Lynda Kellam (UNCG)
Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh (Georgia State University)
Louise Corti (UK Data Service)
Sebastian Karcher (Syracuse University)
Dessi Kirilova ( Syracuse University)

2017-05-25: F3: Open, Public Goods Infrastructure for Research Management & Discovery

Open, public goods infrastructure for research management discovery
Cynthia Vitale (Washington University in St. Louis)
Victoria Steeves (New York University)
Matthew Spitzer (Center for Open Science)

2017-05-25: F4: Collecting and Mining Data from the Web

Websites, Twitter, and Facebook - oh my! How to start gathering data from the web
Michael Beckstrand (University of Minnesota)
Alicia Hofelich Mohr (University of Minnesota)

Access to social science research data by an open API
Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
Reiner Mauer (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)

2017-05-25: F5: Small Campuses, Small Repositories: Sustainable Processes

Small campuses, small repositories: Sustainable processes
Rachel Walton (Rollins College)
Paula Lackie (Carleton College)
Patti McCall (Rollins College)
Thu-Mai Christian (UNC Chapel Hill)

2017-05-26: G1: Developments in DDI

Sample Use Cases for the Codebook View in DDI Views (DDI4)
Dan Gillman (BLS - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Arofan Gregory (Aeon Technologies)
Larry Hoyle (IPSR, University of Kansas)
Knut Wenzig (DIW Berlin - German Institute for Economic Research)

Recent Progress on the DDI Moving Forward Program
Steven McEachern (Australian Data Archive)

A Vision for a Future Research Infrastructure
Joachim Wackerow (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
Ingo Barkow (Swiss Institute for Information Sciences, HTW Chur)
William Block (CISER, Cornell University)
Jay Greenfield (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Steven McEachern (ADA, Australian National University)

2017-05-26: G2: Developing Academic Library Data Collections & Finding Licensed Data Resources

Finding Licensed Data Resources: the User Experience
Adrienne Brennecke (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

Developing Academic Library Data Collections: A Discussion of Current Practices
Harrison Dekker (University of California, Berkeley)
Bobray Bordelon (Princeton University)
Robert O'Reilly (Emory University)
Joel Herndon (Duke University)

2017-05-26: G3: Innovations in Managing Secure Outputs: What's the Takeaway?

Innovations in Managing Secure Outputs: What's the Takeaway?
Matthew Woollard (UK Data Service)
Beate Lichtwardt (UK Data Service)
Deborah Wiltshire (UK Data Service)
Johanna Eberle (Institute for Employment Research (IAB))
Dana Müller (Institute for Employment Research (IAB))
Amy Pienta (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

2017-05-26: G4: Data Sharing and Reuse Across Boundaries

Like a Kid in a Sweetshop: Lessons in Managing Researcher Expectations
John Sanderson (UK Data Archive/ADRN)
Sabrina Iavarone (UK Data Archive/ADRN)
Rowan Lawrance (UK Data Archive/ADRN)

The Diffusion of Scholarship Across Disciplinary Boundaries through Data Sharing
David Bleckley (ICPSR, University of Michigan)
Susan Jekielek (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

Designing the Cyberinfrastructure for Spatial Data Curation, Visualization, and Sharing
Yue Li (Purdue University)
Nicole Kong (Purdue University)
Standa Pejsa (Purdue University)

Facilitating Integration of Socioeconomic and Remote Sensing Data to Support Interdisciplinary Research and Applications
Robert Downs (Columbia University)
Robert Chen (Columbia University)

2017-05-26: Pecha Kuchas

National Archive of Data on Arts and Culture: Creating a Common Language through Infographics
Jai Holt (ICPSR)
Alison Stroud (ICPSR)

Crafting High Impact Tabling Experiences
Elizabeth Wickes (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

When the Kentucky Derby becomes the Grand National : Unexpected Hurdles in Negotiating Access to Government Administrative Data
Tanvi Desai (Administrative Data Service, University of Essex)
Melanie Wright (UK Data Service)

You Just Like Me for My Methods: Experiences of Research Design and Analysis Collaborators
Thomas Lindsay (Research Support Services, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota)
Alicia Hofelich Mohr (Research Support Services, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota)

Looking at the Library Data in the Mirror: Taking Our Own Advice about Data Management
Ryan Clement (Middlebury College)

Developing Specialized Services to Cultivate Common Skills
Jonathan Cain (University of Oregon)

2017-05-26: H1: Data Management in the Research Process

Putting Metadata on the Map - Producing Enhanced Geospatial Visualisations from Open-source Tools to Encourage Metadata Creation Earlier in the Data Lifecycle
Samuel Spencer (Aristotle Metadata Registry)

From Administrative Burden to Research Excellence: Getting Researchers to Take Data Management Seriously
Alexandra Stam (FORS)

Moving Data around: Integrated Research Workflows for Curating and Publishing Data
Maude Frances (University Library, UNSW Sydney)
Steven McEachern (Australian Data Archive, Australian National University)
Daniel Bangert (University Library, UNSW Sydney)
Carolien van Ham (School of Social Sciences, UNSW Sydney)
Janet McDougall (Australian Data Archive, Australian National University)
Luc Betbeder-Matibet (Research Infrastructure, UNSW Sydney)

2017-05-26: H2: Research Data Management Strategies & Opportunities

Spreading the Knowledge: Overviewing the University of Alberta Libraries’ Research Data Management Services
James Doiron (University of Alberta Libraries)

Across Canada, across Disciplines: Research Data Management Practices and Needs in the Social Sciences and Humanities
Leanne Trimble (University of Toronto)
Dylanne Dearborn (University of Toronto)
Tatiana Zaraiskaya (Queen's University)
Jane Burpee (McGill University)
Eugene Barsky (University of British Columbia)
Catie Sahadath (University of Ottawa)
Melissa Cheung (University of Ottawa)

In Aggregate: Trends, Needs, and Opportunities from Faculty Research Data Management Surveys
Abigail Goben (University of Illinois-Chicago)
Tina Griffin (University of Illinois-Chicago)

2017-05-26: H3: Is Bigger Always Better? Examining Big Data’s Limits in Utility, Quality, and Security

Would Big Data Replace Marketing and Social Surveys? - Potential Usage of Big Data in Marketing and Social Surveys: In Case of Mongolia
Davaasuren Chuluunbat (MMCG Company, Mongolia)

Data Quality, Transparency and Reproducibility in Large Bibliographic Datasets
Angela Zoss (Duke University)
Trevor Edelblute (Indiana University)
Inna Kouper (Indiana University)

Secure Data Solutions for Social Media Data Analysis
David Schiller (GESIS)
Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda (GESIS)