Mobile Data and the Life Cycle

Host city: Tampere, Finland

Dates: May 26-29, 2009


2009-05-26: Workshops
Nesstar 4.0
Ornulf Risnes (Norwegian Social Science Data Services)

Assessment and Review of the Quality of Operations for Research Data Repositories
Laurents Sesink (Data Archiving Networked Services, DANS)
Maarten Hoogerwerf (Data Archiving Networked Services, DANS)

Exporting DDI 3.0 from Computer Assisted Interviewing Systems
Jeremy Iverson (Algenta)

Digital Curation 101 Lite
Joy Davidson (Digital Curation Centre)
Sarah Higgins (Digital Curation Centre)
Daisy Abbot (Digital Curation Centre)

Moving to DDI 3.0: Translating Current Collections of Structured Metadata
Wendy Thomas (Minnesota Population Center)

Data requirements and Digital Repositories
Ann Green (Yale University)
Robin Rice (University of Edinburgh)
Stuart MacDonald (University of Edinburgh)
Luis Martinez Uribe (Oxford University, Oxford e-Research Centre)
Tanvi Desai (London School of Economics)
Jane Roberts (Oxford University, Social Science Data Service))

Data Librarians Represent! Integrating Data Services into the Social Science Research Process
Lynda Kellam (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
Katharin Peter (University of Southern California)

2009-05-27: Plenary I
Digital Challenges: Bridging the Gap between Publication and Data
Adam Farquhar (The British Library)

2009-05-27: A1: Tools and Implementations of DDI 3.0
Panelist 1
Arofan Gregory (Open Data Foundation)

Panelist 2: DDI Editing Suite
Jannik V. Jensen (DDA)

Panelist 3: Colectica
Jeremy Iverson (Algenta)

Panelist 4: MISSY2
Oliver Hopt (GESIS)

Panelist 5: Exanda
Joachim Wackerow (GESIS)

Panelist 6: IAB FDZ Research Data Center
Dana Mueller (IAB)

Panelist 7: Canadian RDC
Chuck Humphrey (University of Alberta)

CentERdata's LISS System
Alerk Amin (Tilburg University)

2009-05-27: A2: Semi-Permeable Boundaries Among Institutions
Panelist 1: The Canadian Scene(s)
Laine Ruus (University of Toronto)

Panelist 2: Facilitating the Flow of Between Service Settings
Libbie Stephenson (University of California, Los Angeles)
J. Stiles (University of California, Berkeley)

Panelist 3: Data Services Cross Training for Librarians
Harrison Dekker (University of California, Berkeley)

Panelist 4: Non-Public Data and the Census RDC at Berkeley
Jon Stiles (University of California, Berkeley)

2009-05-27: A3: Practicing What We Provide: Surveying Users of Surveys
The Data That Did Not Arrive For The Date: Talking The Non-Response Blues
Karsten Boye Rasmussen (University of Southern Denmark)

Data Services Awareness and Use Survey 2008: Five-year Follow-up at the University of Tennessee
Eleanor Read (University of Tennessee)

Taking the Pulse of our Members: Creating a Healthy Data Environment
Wendy Watkins (Carleton University)
Michel Seguin (Statistics Canada)

2009-05-27: A4: Public Opinion Data: Over Time and Across the Globe
Question Bank: New and Comparative Research at a Glance
Nanna Floor Clausen (Dansk Data Arkiv)

Sources of Historical International U.S. Data
Margaret Adams (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)

Unlocking Public Opinion Poll Data in Canada
A. Michelle Edwards (University of Guelph)
Jane Fry (Carleton University)

The Data Consultant as Archaeologist: Digging for Meaning in World War II Era U.S. Public Opinion Polls
Dan Edelstein (University of Windsor)

2009-05-27: B1: Forging Links: Context and Content in Cultural and Educational Data
Combining Statistics and Documents for a Contextual View of Irish History and Culture
Fredric Gey (University of California, Berkeley)

National Digital Library of Finland: How to Enable Access to Digital Cultural Material to Users of Today and to Future Generations
Minna Karvonen (Ministry of Education, Finland)

Research Data Center at the German Institute for Educational Progress (IQB)
Michel Knigge (Institute for Educational Progress (IQB))

2009-05-27: B2: Enhancing Data Sharing: Practices, Tools and Constraints
Making Sense of the Census: One Year On with the Census Aggregate Information Resource Demonstrator (CAIRD)
Justin Hayes (MIMAS, University of Manchester)
Rob Dymond (MIMAS, University of Manchester)

Identifying and Removing Barriers for Sharing Sciencfic Data
Laurents Sesink (Data Archiving & Networked Services, DANS)

Access to Governmental Microdata for Research: Recent Developments and New Challenges in Europe
Paola Tubaro (Reseau Quetelet, France)
Roxane Silberman (Reseau Quetelet, France)

2009-05-27: B3: Life Cycle Considerations for Research, Users and Archives
Applying the DCC Curation Lifecycle Model
Sarah Higgins (Digital Curation Centre)

Is Mobility of Data a Special Problem for Qualitative Research Collections?
John Southall (UK Data Archive, University of Essex)

From Life Cycle to Continuum: Assuring Research Use of Records and Archives
Marjo Rita Valtonen (University of Tampere, Department of Information Studies)

2009-05-27: B4: Crossing Traditional Boundaries: Mobile Data-Based Resources
Networking Outside the Networks
Vesa Korhonen (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland)

Mobile Today: Records Management Issues
Sari Makinen (University of Tampere, Department of Information Studies)

Doing Data on YouTube: Outreach and Education Using Web 2.0
Ryan Womack (Rutgers University Libraries)

2009-05-27: C1: Developing Best Practices for the DDI
Panelist 2: Why Best Practices?
Arofan Gregory (Open Data Foundation)

Panelist 1:The Business Best Practices
Michelle Edwards (University of Guelph)

Panelist 3: Technical Best Practices
Jeremy Iverson (Algenta Technologies)

Panelist 4: Future Plans
Mary Vardigan (ICPSR)

Introduction: Why Best Practices?
Arofan Gregory (Open Data Foundation)

DDI Best Practices: Technical Best Practices
Jeremy Iverson (Algenta Technologies)

DDI Best Practices: Future Plans
Mary Vardigan (ICPSR/ DDI Alliance)

2009-05-27: C2: Sharing Data: High Rewards, Formidable Barriers
Swedish National Data Service's Strategy for Sharing and Mediating Data
Iris Alfredsson (Swedish National Data Service)
Carina Carlhed (Malardalen University)
Veronika Marosi (Swedish National Data Service)

Changing Laws in the UK: The New Statistics and Registration Services Act
Tanvi Desai (London School of Economics)

Mind the Gap: Global Data Sharing
Richard Wiseman (ESDS International; Mimas, University of Manchester)
Celia Russell (ESDS International; Mimas, University of Manchester)

2009-05-27: C3: Mobilizing Data in the Learning Environment
Infrastructure for Statistics Education in Russia
Anna Bogomolova (Moscow State University)
Tatyana Yudina (Moscow State University)

Bringing Data to Undergraduate Classrooms: The Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN) and ICPSR's Online Learning Center (OLC)
Lynette Hoelter (University of Michigan)
John P. DeWitt (University of Michigan)

2009-05-27: C4: Data Sharing Across the Disciplines
Panelists 1 and 2
Shawn W. Nicholson (Michigan State University)
Terrence Bennett (The College of New Jersey)

Panelists 3 and 4
Joel Herndon (Duke University)
Robert O'Reilly (Emory University)

2009-05-28: D1: Tag - You're it! DDI Applications and Experiences
Finding the Right Tags in DDI 3.0: A Beginner's Experience
Claudia Lehnert (Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency, IAB)

EduDDI: An application of DDI 3.0 for Large-scale Assessments in Education
Martin Mechtel (German Institute of Educational Progress (IQB))

Slovak Archive of Social Data (SASD) and Its Experiences with Implementing DDI 3.0
Juraj Svec (Slovak Archive of Social Data, Department of Sociology (CU))

Managing the Metadata Life Cycle: The Future of DDI at GESIS and ICPSRD1
Peter Granda (ICPSR, University of Michigan)
Joachim Wacherow (GESIS)
Meinhard Moschner (GESIS)
Wolfgang Zenk-Moeltgen (GESIS)
Mary Vardigan (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

Tag - You're It! DDI Applications and Experiences
Jeremy Iverson (Algenta Technologies)

2009-05-28: D2: Future of IASSIST
Continuation/update/report from the robust future of IASSIST-Outreach session from Stanford
Paula Lackie (Carleton College)
Lynn Woolfrey (Data First, University of Capetown)

2009-05-28: D3: Ideal IRB
Ethics Review and Data Archiving
Arja Kuula (Finnish Social Science Data Archive, FSD)

IRBs and Data Sharing
Kristine Witkowski (ICPSR)
George Alter (ICPSR)

IRB Accreditation and Local IRB Operations
Elizabeth Stephenson (UCLA, ISSR Data Archives)
Jacob Carlson (Purdue University)
Thomas Lindsay (University of Minnesota)

Ethics Review and Data Archiving
Arja Kuula (Finnish Social Science Data Archive, FSD)

2009-05-28: D4: Just the Same, but Different: Comparison Across National Contexts
Marching to the Same Drummer: An Overview of a Proposed IHSN (International Household Survey Network) Open Source Question Bank
Mark McConaghy (Department for International Development, UK)

Original Language Documentation for the European Values Study
Wolfgang Zenk-Moltgen (GESIS - Leibniz-Institut fur Sozialwissenschaften)
Evelyn Brislinger (GESIS - Leibniz-Institut fur Sozialwissenschaften)

2009-05-28: E1: IASSIST Futures (Strategic Plan)
IASSIST Futures: A Discussion Panel on IASSIST Strategic Planning and Organization
Joel Herndon (Duke University/IASSIST Administrative Committee)
Thomas Lindsay (University of Minnesota)
Bill Block (CEISER, Cornell University)
Melanie Wright (UKDA)
San Cannon (Federal Reserve Board)

2009-05-28: E2: United States Information Agency's Historical International Data (withdrawn)
2009-05-28: E3: Qualitative Data: Understandings, Tools and Strategies for Sharing
It's about Relationships, It's about Ethics, It's about Respect: Qualitative Researchers' Understandings of Their Practice and the Implications for Data Archivng and Sharing
Lynda Cheshire (University of Queensland)
Alex Broom (University of Sydney)
Michael Emmison (University of Queensland)

Reusing Qualitative Data for Teaching Purposes
Bethany Morgan (UK Data Archive, ESDS Qualidata)
Dimitris Vonofakos (UK Data Archive, ESDS Qualidata)
Richard Deswarte (presenter) (UK Data Archive, ESDS Qualidata)

2009-05-28: E4: CESSDA PPP
Life-Cycle & Comparative Study Types: Metadata Needs of the Future CESSDA RI
Uwe Jensen (GESIS - Leibniz-Institut for the Social Science)

Changing the Data Sharing Culture in Eastern European Countries
Brigitte Hausstein (GESIS, Leibniz-Institut fur Sozialwissenschaften)

2009-05-28: Plenary II
Data Archives in the 21st Century: Evolving, Adapting or Endangered?
Deborah Mitchell (Australian Social Science Data Archive)
Ben Evans (ANU Supercomputer Facility)

2009-05-29: F1: Foundations First: Laying the Groundwork for Building Partnerships First
Cozying up to the CODATA Elephant: Some Ideas for IASSIST Outreach
Ernie Boyko (Carelton University)

The Data Archive Technologies Alliance: Looking towards a Common Future
Myron Gutmann (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

Scoping and Developing Institutional Data Services: The Data Libraries of 2020
Luis Martinez-Uribe (University of Oxford, Oxford e-Research Centre)

Establishing Trust in Data Curation: OAIS and TRAC applied to a Data Staging Repository (DataStaR)
Gail Steinhart (Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University)

2009-05-29: F2: Protecting Privacy While Preserving Access: Restricted Use Data and Disclosure Considerations
Strengthening the Production of Public Use Microdata Files: Better Tools for Anonymizing Census and Survey Data
Olivier Dupriez (World Bank - IHSN)
Geoffrey Greenwell (PARIS21 Secretariat, OECD)

An Integrated System for Handling Restricted Use Data
Felicia LeClere (ICPSR)

Strengthening Data Security
Sharon Bolton (UK Data Archive)
Matthew Woollard (UK Data Archive)

2009-05-29: F3: Beyond and Behind the Numbers: Metadata, Codebooks and Publications
Uncovering the Pitfalls of Enhanced Publications
Maarten Hoogerwerf (Data Archiving and Networked Services, DANS)

Adding to the Toolbox: Creating and Maintaining a Searchable Database of Events
Timothy Mullen (Federal Reserve Board)

Back to Basics with Dublin Core
Linda Powell (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)

CoSSI - Codebook for Statistical Information or Something More?
Heikki Rouhuvirta (Statistics Finland)

2009-05-29: F4: Building on Data: Resources, Tools and Applications
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Playing a Data Custodian
Chiu-Chuang (Lu) Chou (Data and Information Service, University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Hidden in Plain Sight: Creating County-Based Data with Public Use Mircrodata Areas
Lisa Neidert (Population Studies Center, University of Michigan)

NEEO's Data Curation
Paul Plaatsman (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)

The Value of Public Sector Data and Information to Civil Society Organizations in South Africa: Evidence from the Fight to Alleviate Poverty
Raed Sharif (School of Information Studies, Syracuse University)

2009-05-29: G1: DDI Across the Lifecycle
DDI Across the Life Cycle: One Data Model, Many Products
Mary Vardigan (ICPSR)
Sue Ellen Hansen (Survey Research Operations, ISR, University of Michigan)
Peter Granda (ICPSR)
Sanda Ionescu (ICPSR)
Felicia LeClere (ICPSR)

2009-05-29: G2: Making Space: Issues in Linking Data and Geographies
GeoConvert: Creating that Spatial Relationship
David Rawnsley (Mimas, University of Manchester)

Standards Based Services for Dissemination and Processing of Geospatial Data: An Example Using the UK Census
James Reid (University of Edinburgh)

Screening Data for Disclosure Risk and the Research Behind One Possible Took
Kristine Witkowski (ICPSR)

2009-05-29: G3: Building Data Archives and User Communities: Greece, Estonia and Ethiopia
Developing of Data Archiving and Dissemination System at the CSA
Yakob Seid (Central Statistical Agency, CSA)

What Do Researchers Look for in Archives? Data and Metadata on User Requests, and After Service Tracking in the Case of an Emerging Data Sharing Culture
Chryssa Kappi (Greek Social Data Bank, National Centre for Social Research)
Dimitra Kondyli (GSDB-EKKE)
Christina Frentzou (GSDB-EKKE)
Tolis Linardis (GSDB-EKKE)

2009-05-29: Plenary III
Collecting, Visualizing, Communicating, and Modeling Spatial Data in the Social Sciences
Dr. Michael Batty (Centre for Advanced Spatial Anaysis, University College London)
Andrew Hudson-Smith (Centre for Advanced Spatial Anaysis, University College London)
Andrew Crooks (Centre for Advanced Spatial Anaysis, University College London)
Richard Milton (Centre for Advanced Spatial Anaysis, University College London)
Duncan Smith (Centre for Advanced Spatial Anaysis, University College London)