Technology of Data: Collection, Communication, Access and Preservation

Host city: Stanford, CA

Host: Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources

Dates: May 27-30, 2008

Ordinal: 34

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2008-05-27: Workshops

2008-05-28: Plenary I

New Approaches to Complex Data Management
Catherine Ruggles ()

2008-05-28: A1: DDI And Related Tools: Next Generation Tools For Converting, Displaying And Visualizing Data

2008-05-28: A2: Describing Data and Data Use

Best Practices Documents - Are They Really Necessary?
Michelle Edwards (University of Guelph)
Jane Fry (Carleton University)
Alexandra Cooper (Queen's University)

Assessing the Scientific Benefits of Interdisciplinary Use of Social Science Data through Citation Analysis
Robert S. Chen (CIESIN)
Joe Schumacher (CIESIN)
Bob Downs (CIESIN)
Chris Lenhardt (CIESIN)

Data Description and the Terminal Approach
Dan Gillman (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Persistent Identifiers: Cornerstone in a Web Oriented Scientific Environment
Maarten Hoogerwerf (DANS)

2008-05-28: A3: Moving Research Data Into and Out of Institutional Repositories

DISC-UK DataShare Project
Robin Rice (EDINA Edinburgh University Data Library)

An Institutional Approach to Research Data Curation
Gail Steinhart (Cornell University Library, Mann Library Data Staging Repository (DataStaR))

Moving data into and out of an IR: Off the map and into the territory
Libby Bishop (University of Leeds, Timescapes Project, University of Essex, UK Data Archive)

Interoperability Between Institutional and Data Repositories
Katherine McNeill (MIT Libraries, DSpace and the Harvard-MIT Data Center)

2008-05-28: A4: Web Tech: Presentation and Design

Using Pictures to Tell a Story: Mapping Economic Data for Researchers and the Public
Katrina Stierholz (St. Louis Fed)

Using the Web to Communicate Survey Metadata: Design, Development and Maintenance of the ESRC Question Bank
Julie Gibbs (University of Surrey)

Welding a Website that (Might) Work: An Analysis of a Data Website Redesign at a Small Liberal Arts College
Rachael Barlow (Raether Library, Trinity College, Hartford)

2008-05-28: B1: Cultures of Data Sharing

Life Cycle of and Open Access to Research Data in Finland
Tuomas J. Alatera (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)

Barriers to Data Archiving and Sharing in Health Research – Lessons from a User Study
Lone Bredahl (Danish Data Archive)

Asian Social Science Data Accessibility
Daniel C. Tsang (UC Irvine)

2008-05-28: B2: Tools for Data Visualization and Manipulation

Web 2.0 Data Visualisation Tools
Stuart McDonald (University of Edinburgh)

What about Swivel?
Amy West (University of Minnesota)

Python in the Data Lab
Harrison Dekker (UC Berkeley)

2008-05-28:  B3: What Is Old Is New Again

Canada Year Book Historical Collection
Bernie Gloyn (Statistics Canada)

Moving an Archive from Tape to Disk: A Case-Study at ICPSR
Bryan Beecher (ICPSR)

Solving Study Metadata Puzzles: Case Studies from Roper Center Reprocessing Activities
Marc Maynard (Roper Center)

2008-05-28: B4: Something New, Borrowed, and Blue: Comparing Experiences in Developing Data Services

Comparing Experiences in Developing Data Services
Sheree Fu (The Libraries of the Claremont Colleges)

Comparing Experiences
Lynda Kellam (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Data services at Western Carolina University
Susan Metcalf (Western Carolina University)

2008-05-28: C1: In Data We Trust: Maintaining Confidentiality, Authenticity and Quality

Access to Labor Force Data in Germany
Dana Mueller (Research Data Center of the German Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research)

Continuing the GPO Trust Relationship through Authentication
Robin Haun-Mohamed (US Government Printing Office)
Gil Baldwin (US Government Printing Office)
Virginia Wiese (US Government Printing Office)

Toward A Web of Trust
Laurents Sesink (Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS))

2008-05-28: C2: Facilitating Data Access: Developing Multi-Function Access to Data Collections

ODESI: Creation of a Web-based Data Exploration Portal
Paula Hurtubise (Carleton University)

Providing Access to Born Digital Archival Data in an Era of Search Engines
Margaret O. Adams (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)

Welcome to the SodaPop Shop - Data Fast and Fizzy and in Many Flavors
Kiet Bang (PRI, Penn State)

2008-05-28: C4: International Outreach: Open Discussion

2008-05-29: Plenary II

2008-05-29: D1: Metadata: Enhancing Access to Data Resources

Data and Knowledge Management at the Federal Reserve Board
Andy Boettcher (Federal Reserve Board)

Making Sense of the Census: Creating a Census Aggregate Information Resource Demonstrator
Justin Hayes (Mimas, University of Manchester)

Searching for Datasets and Variables with SDA
Tom Piazza (UC Berkeley)
Charlie Thomas (UC Berkeley)

Variables, Datasets, and Finding What You Want
Dr. Anthony Rafferty (University of Manchester)
Sam Smith (University of Manchester)

2008-05-29: D2: Data Discovery and Dissemination: Linking Librarians, Vendors, and Archives

Panelist 1: Datasets In Disstertations Across Disciplines
Terrence Bennett (The College of New Jersey)

Dissertations, Data Sets and ProQuest UMI
Austin McLean (ProQuest)

Linking Data and Dissertations
Myron Gutmann (ICPSR)

2008-05-29: D3: Numeracy, Quantitative Reasoning and Teaching about Data

Innovation in the Use of Data for Teaching and Research : The Russian Case
Anna Bogomolova (Moscow State University)
Tatyana Yudina (Moscow State University)

Numeracy at the University of Guelph: One Year Later - Where Are We Now?
Michelle Edwards (University of Guelph)

Teaching, Testing, and Assessment in a Quantitative Reasoning Course: Taking Aim at a Missing/Moving Target
Lisa Neidert (Population Studies Center, University of Michigan)

Torturing Nurses with Data
Kristi Thompson (University of Windsor)

2008-05-29: E1: Data Security and Access: Connecting from Afar

The Development of Remote Access Systems
Tanvi Desai (Research Laboratory, London School of Economics)

(Meta)Data and Remote Computing at IdZA: Experiences from IZA
Nikos Askitas (IZA)

Secure Remote Access to Statistical Microdata
Tim Mulcahy (NORC)

2008-05-29: E2: Under the Hood: Choosing a Standard

Practical Metadata Lessons: Utilising Metadata Standards for Archiving Data at Statistics New Zealand
Euan Cochrane (Statistics New Zealand)

SDMX and the DDI: Using the Right Tool for the Job
Arofan Gregory (Open Data Foundation)

Using XBRL to Reengineer a Data Collection and Collaboration Process
Linda Powell (Federal Reserve Board)

2008-05-29: E3: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Data on the Web from Vision to Practice to Sustainability

Evidence on the Web: The ZACAT Data Portal
Ekkehard Mochmann (CESSDA)

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - The Vision
Bo Wanschneider (University of Guelph)

Tomorrow - Ensuring Sustainable Data and Metadata for the Future
Mary Vardigan (ICPSR)

2008-05-30: F1: Implementation, Application, and Sharing of DDI Resources

Metadata Share Project (MSP)
Joel Herndon (Duke University)
Rob O'Reilly (Emory University)

Creating Enriched Publications with MPEG-21 DIDL, DDI 3.0 and Primary Research Data
Rob Grim (Tilburg University)
Paul Plaatsman (Erasmus Data Service Centre)

DDI 3.0: Final Revisions and Future Directions
Arofan Gregory (Open Data Foundation)
Wendy Thomas (Minnesota Population Center)

Documentation of German Labor Force Data at the IAB: First Experiences with DDI 3.0
Claudia Lehnert (Institute for Employment Research)
Joachim Wackerow (GESIS/ZUMA)

2008-05-30: F2: Integration and Linking: Bringing Data and Documents Together

Data in DSpace: Linking Archival Primary Documents and Quantitative Datasets
Ann Marshall (University of Rochester)

Implementing a Digital Repository for the Preservation of Interdisciplinary Data
Robert R. Downs (CIESIN, Columbia University)
Robert S. Chen (CIESIN, Columbia University)

KombiFiD – Combined Firm Data for Germany
Tanja Hethey (Research Data Centre of the German Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research)
Anja Spengler (Research Data Centre of the German Federal Employment Agency at the Institute for Employment Research)

We Inhabit the Same World: Integrating Socio-economic and Environmental Data
Dr. Veerle Van den Eynden (UKDA)

2008-05-30: F3: The Challenges of Data Preservation

Aligning Digital Preservation Policies with Community Standards
Nancy McGovern (ICPSR)

Challenges in Preserving Neuroimaging Research Data
Angus Whyte (University of Edinburgh, Digital Curation Centre)

Planning Against Failure – It's Not All about Technology
Dr. Lucia Lotter (Human Sciences Research Council)
Marie-Louise van Wyk (Human Sciences Research Council)

Preserving Social Science Data: How Much Replication Do We Need?
Myron P. Gutmann (ICPSR)
Nancy Y. McGovern (ICPSR)
Bryan Beecher (ICPSR)
T.E, Raghunathan (University of Michigan)

2008-05-30: G1: Innovation in the Use of International Data for Teaching and Learning

Measuring Development Results: The Story Behind the Numbers
Eric Swanson (World Bank)

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Joachim Doll (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)

Learning and Teaching with the ESDS International Data Service
Jackie Carter (Mimas, University of Manchester)

2008-05-30: G2: Licensing, Privacy and Protection

IRB Issues and Archival Data: From Data Deposit to Data Use
Amy Pienta (ICPSR)

The Digital Locked File Cabinet: A Problem of Metaphor
Thomas Lindsay (University of Minnesota)
Kristen Houlton (University of Minnesota)

Becoming a Legitimate Data Repository: When Policy and Practice Collide
Libbie Stephenson (UCLA)

2008-05-30: G3: Beyond Numbers: Preserving and Delivering Non-numeric Collections

Shakespeare 2.0 - New Challenges in Preservation
John Venecek (University of Central Florida)
Elizabeth Konzak (Hoover Institution)

Sounding It Out: Sharing and Disseminating Audio-Visual Data
Mus Ahmet and Louise Corti (UKDA)

Two New Content Services on the 1956 Institute Portal
Zoltan Lux (1956 Institute)

2008-05-30: H1: The CESSDA ESFRI Project - Setting Up a One-Stop Shop for European Data

The Vision and Requirements - Legal, Financial, Governance
Kevin Schurer (UK Data Archive)

The Infrastructure - Availability, Authentication and Access
Atle Alvheim (NSD)
Vigdis Kvalheim (NSD)

The Services - Data Discovery, Harmonisation, Analysis and Dissemination
Uwe Jensen (GESIS-ZA)

The Staff - Professionalisation, Network of Excellence, Training
Adrian Dusa (RODA)

The Widening – Exploring Potentials and Possibilities of Extending the Research Infrastructure
Brigitte Hausstein (GESIS-SAEE)

2008-05-30: H2: New Data, New Tools: the State of Software Development at the Minnesota Population Center

A Unified System for Processing Microdata Projects with Disparate Hierarchical Data Models
Justin Coyne (University of Minnesota)

Domain Specific Languages for Data Editing
Colin Davis (University of Minnesota)

Building an Extensible Data Access System for Longitudinal Surveys
Marcus Peterson (University of Minnesota)

Time Well Spent: Building a System for Time Use Research
Benjamin Ortega (University of Minnesota)

2008-05-30: H3: Establishing Data Archives in Developing Countries: Some Initial Steps

The Accelerated Data Program (ADP) in Latin American Countries
Medina Giopp (ADP/World Bank)

International Household Survey Network and Accelerated Data Program
Olivier Dupriez (World Bank Data Development Group)

Accelerated Data Program - Sri Lanka
Mr. Bandulasena (Sri Lanka Department of Census Statistics)

Building a National Data Archive - Uganda's Experience
Kizito Kasozi (Uganda Bureau of Statistics)