Building Global Knowledge Communities with Open Data

Host city: Montreal, Canada

Dates: May 16-18, 2007


2007-05-15: Workshops
2007-05-16: Plenary I
Data from National Surveys: Access, Analysis and Sharing
Dr. Anthony C. Masi (McGill University)

2007-05-16: A1: Self Archiving or Self-Storage: Which is it to be?
StORe Wars: May the Source and its Outputs be with you
Ken Miller (UK Data Archive)
Graham Pryor (University of Edinburgh)

Do-It-Yourself made EASY
Marion Wittenberg (DANS (Data Archiving and Network Services))
Rutger Kramer (DANS (Data Archiving and Network Services))

Public Data Up on the Web with SDA
Charlie Thomas (UC Berkeley)

Bargain Bookmarks and Priceless Tags: Socially organizing Social Data
Kristin Partlo (Carleton College)
Rachael Barlow (Trinity College, Hartford)

2007-05-16: A2: Open Data and the Common Good: Technology Solutions for Difficult Challenges
Pascal Heus (International Household Survey Network)

Data Confidentiality and the Common Good
Julia Lane (National Opinion Research Center)
Kyle Fennel (National Opinion Research Center)

The Open Data Environment
Chuck Humphrey (Canada Research Data Center, University of Alberta)

Walking the Wire: How Technology Helps Us Achieve the Correct Balance (Open Data Foundation)
Arofan Gregory (Open Data Foundation)
Jostein Ryssevik (Open Data Foundation)

2007-05-16: A3: Developments in Managing Digital Data: Challenges, obstacles and opportunities
Appraisal and Selection of Scientific Data for the Long-Term Archive: A Case Study
Robbert R. Downs (CIESIN, Columbia University)
Robert S. Chen (CIESIN, Columbia University)
W. Christopher Lenhardt (CIESIN, Columbia University)

The 2004 Canadian National Consulation on Access to Scientific Research Data (NCASRD)
Michel Sabourin (Universite de Montreal, Chair, Canadian National Committee for CODATA)

2007-05-16: B1: What a Tangled Web We Weave: Preserving Today’s Data for Tomorrow
A Digital Preservation Respnose to Technological Change
Nancy McGovern (ICPSR)

Archiving multi-media and web-based data: issues of representation an sustainability
Louise Corti (U.K. Data Archives)

Renewal of the 1956 Institute website and connectingit to the National Digital Databases
Zoltan Lux (1956 Institute, Hungary)

2007-05-16: B2: Quantitative Literacy: Assessing Needs, Developing Tools and Delivering the Goods.
Capacity Building for Quantitative Methods in the UK
Robin Rice (EDINA, Univerity of Edinburgh)

Numeracy and Quantitative Reasoning Initiative at the University of Guelph
Michelle Edwards (University of Guelph)

Incorporating Statistical Competancies into University-Level Information Literacy Programs in the Social Sciences
Elizabeth Stephenson (UCLA)
Patty Caravello (UCLA Information Literacy Program)

2007-05-16: B3: Care and Maintenance of a Global Knowledge Community (Panel Discussion)
2007-05-16: B4: Building National Data Archives and Using Metadata in Developing Countries.
The role of the Internationl Household Survey Network and the Accelerated Data Program
Oliver Dupriez (International Household Survey Network)

The IHSN Microdata Management Toolkit:2007 Update
Pascal Heus (International Household Survey Network)

Country experiences in setting up a national data archive
Kizito Kasozi (Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) )
Thomas Emwanu (Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) )

2007-05-16: C1: Considering the data management plan: More than Window Dressing?
Preparing Public Use Data Files
Felicity Leclere (ICPSR)

Approaches to Data Dissemination and Preservation
Micah Altman (Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard-MIT Data Center)

Formalising Data Management Plans for Large Scale Multi-disciplinary Projects
Louise Corti (U.K. Data Archives)
Susan Cadogan (U.K. Data Archives)

2007-05-16: C2: DDI in Canada – Where are we at?
An Update on DDI Working Groups at Statistics Canada
Mary Decuypere (Special Surveys Division, Statistics Canada)

Ontario Universities moving forward with DDI
Michelle Edwards (Data Resource Centre Coordinator, University of Guelph)

Capitalising on Metadata: Tool Develoment Plans
Chuck Humphrey (Data Library Coordinator, University of Alberta)

2007-05-16: C3: New Discovery Tools: Thinking Outside the Catalogue
Searching for Data: Powered by Google
Peter Bern (Syracuse University)

Snippets of Data at a Glance: Using RSS to Deliver Statistics
San Cannon (Federal Reserve Board)

Multilingual Web Services - Possibilities and Pitfalls
Taina Jääskeläinen (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)
Tuomas J. Alaterä (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)

University Information System RUSSIA: Bilingual (Russian-English) Search Tools to Intergrate Data and Knowledge Products
Tatyana Yudina (Moscow State University)
Anna Bogomolova (Moscow State University)

2007-05-16: C4: Data Services mash-ups: Maps, Research and Everything!
Business Data and Challenges for Reference and Collection Development
Eun-ha Hong (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Linda Lowry (Brock University)

Maps that Mash: Daring, Dangerous, or Dumb?
Rachael Barlow (Trinity College, Hartford)

Creating Historical Digital Census Boundary Maps for Canada - a Pilot Project
Andrey Petrov (University of Toronto Libraries)
Laine Ruus (University of Toronto Libraries)

2007-05-17: Plenary II
2007-05-17: D1: Access to Linked and Longitudinal files: Problems and Prospects
Project to set up Service for Seccure Remote Access to Files from Data File Linkages
Madeleine Filion (Institut de la statistique du Quebec)
Line Belanger (Institut de la statistique du Quebec)

Opening up access to Birth Cohort Study Data
Jack Kneeshaw (UK Data Archive)

Medical Research and Data Sharing - How Open Can We Be?
Renate Gertz (AHRC Centre, School of Law, University of Edinburgh)

2007-05-17: D2: Presenting the New DDI 3.00: What Can it Do for You? (Panel Discussion)
2007-05-17: D2: Presenting the New DDI 3.00: What Can it Do for You? (Panel Discussion)
2007-05-17: D3: Data Access Questions: Open and Shut
Licensed to Distil - Data of Course
Susan Cadogan (UK Data Archive)

When Data Aren't Open: Restricted-Use Data: Trials Tribulations and Triumphs
Kiet Bang (Population Research Institute, Penn State)
Jennifer Darragh (Virginia Commonwelath University)

Creative Commons and Data Dissemination at an Academic Data Center: Issues and Potential Benefits
W. Christopher Lenhardt (CIESIN)
Robert Chen (CIESIN)
Robert Downs (CIESIN)

Accessing Eurostat Data
Tanvi Desai (London School of Economics)

2007-05-17: E1: Government Data in Legacy Formats: Approaches in Ensuring Access and Preservation
Ensuing Long-Term Access to Government Documents Through Virtualization
Geoffrey Brown (Indiana University)

Migrating Government Information from CD-ROMs: Scaling a Pilot Project
Julie Linden (Yale University)
Gretchen Gano (New York University Library)

Virtual Machines in the Data Lab
Harrison Dekker (UC Berkeley Library)

2007-05-17: E2: The CESSDA Experience: a Royal Mountain Road to Success
Strengthening the Infrastructure -CESSDA Incorporated (Sub-title: You Got to Have Friends)
Ken Miller (U.K. Data Archives)

Door of Perception - The CESSDA Portal (Sub-title: Break on Through to the Other Side)
Mari Kleemola (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)

The Essence of theNet - CESSDA future (You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet)
Vigdis Kvalheim (The Norwegian Social Science Data Services)

2007-05-17: E3: Strength in Numbers: Building Collaborative Services for Users
The data is plentiful and easily available- H. A. Gleason, Jr./Cross-Pollenization of Collections, Skills, and Service Philosophies among Data Archives and Libraries
Elizabeth Stephenson (Institute for Social Science Research, UCLA)
Kris Kasianovitz (Young Research Library, UCLA)

Please Use our Data
Jane Fry (Carleton University, Ottawa)
Monia Bergeron (D.L.I., Statistics Canada)

The World on a Plate: Making Data Digestible
Nicholas Syrotiuk (ESDS International, University of Manchester)

2007-05-17: E4: Prospects for DDI - What the Evidence and Experience Tell Us
New Frontiers: Can Panel Studies Go DDI? First Experiences in documenting the German Socio-Economic Panel Study with DDI 3.0
Jan Goebel (DIW Berlin / SOEP)
Joachim Wackerow (GESIS/ZUMA (Centre for Survey Research and Methodology))

Documenting, Maintaining, and Sharing Standard Variables with DDI Version 3.0: the ISCO example
Joachim Wackerow (GESIS/ZUMA (Centre for Survey Research and Methodology))

Whither DDI - Status and Prospects in Canada
Bill Bradley (Health Canada (Retired))

2007-05-18: Plenary III
2007-05-18: F1: Data-PASS: Collaborating to Preserve At-Risk Data.
Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences: Collaborating to Preserve At-Risk Data
Darrell Donakowski (University of Michigan)

Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences: A Model for Collaboration
Jonathon Crabtree (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

An Overview of Data-PASS Shared Catalog
Micah Altman (Harvard University)

2007-05-18: F2: Data Beyond Numbers: Using Data Creatively for Research
The data is out there. Analyzing from electronic tracks of behavior
Karsten Boye Rasmussen (University of Southern Denmark)

The Importance of Data Visualization in Data Literacy
Janet Stamatel (University at Albany)

Punishment and Reward for Research Data Sharing
Jinfang Niu (University of Michigan)

2007-05-18: F3: Extending IASSIST through Outreach
Outreach to Schools of Information Science
Jen Darragh (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Paula Lackie (Carleton College)

Measuring IASSIST Against Science's Sine Qua Non: Making Scientific Knowledge Understandable, Relevant and Useful
Bill Block (University of Minnesota)
Paula Lackie (Carleton College)

IASSIST Outreach Activities in Russia
Tatyana Yudina (Moscow State University)

Preparing Datasets for a National Response
Daniel Epeh (Ghana AIDS Commission)

2007-05-18: G1: Harmonizing Data and Documentation: Best Practice Examples
Ex-Ante Harmonization Across 30 Counties: Lesson Learned
Beth-Ellen Pennell (Survey Research Center, University of Michigan)

Harmonization of the Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys (CPES)
Sue Ellen Hansen (Survey Research Center, University of Michigan)

Aging in Three Countries: A New Data Resource for Comparative Retirement Research
Amy Pienta (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), University of Michigan)

2007-05-18: G2: Does Anyone have the Question to My Answer: Survey Data Question Banks
Improving Data Services by the Creation of a Question Database
Nanna Floor Clausen (Danish Data Archive)

Displaying Survey Questionnaires to Data Users: Accuracy versus Clarity
Graham Hughes (ESRC Question Bank, University of Surrey)

2007-05-18: G3: Towards a National Infrastructure for Community Statistics: Local Data Sharing Issues and Resources
Guide to Administrative Data Records Library: Past, Present, and Future
Claudia Coulton (Case Western Reserve)

Statistical Metadata and NNIP Data Sharing Guide
Kathryn Pettit (The Urban Institute)

NICS: Issues and Resources
Dan Gillman (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Laura Smith (The Brookings Institution)

2007-05-18: G4: NEW ARCHIVES
Qualitative Data Archiving in the Czech Republic
Tomas Cizek (Sociological Data Archive, Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)

Opening Access to Indigenous Data in Australia
Sophie Holloway (Australian Social Science Data Archive)
Margi Wood (Australian Social Science Data Archive)

Open data: new possibilities for knowledge communities
Larisa Kosova (Russian Sociological Data Archive, NISP)