Data in a World of Networked Knowledge

Host city: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Dates: May 24-26, 2006


2006-05-23: Workshops
W1: A Gentle Introduction to DDI: What's in it for Me?
Jim Jacobs (University of California, San Diego)
Wendy Thomas (University of Minnesota)

W2: Introduction to GIS
Karl Longstreth (University of Michigan)

W3: Introduction to Data Librarianship
Paul Bern (Syracuse University)

W4: Building an SDA Archive
Tom Piazza (University of California, Berkeley)
Charlie Thomas (University of California, Berkeley)

W5: Hands-On DDI 3.0 - Concept, Structure, and Tools
Jim Jacobs (University of California, San Diego)
Wendy Thomas (University of Minnesota)

W6: Statistical Literacy and Learning Objects
Milo Schield (W.M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project)
Cynthia Schield (W.M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project)

W7: Using ATLAS.ti to Explore Archived Qualitative Data
Libby Bishop (UK Data Archive, University of Essex)
Louise Corti (UK Data Archive, University of Essex)

2006-05-24: Plenary I
Cyberinfrastructure and the Social Sciences
Bjorn Henrichsen (Norwegian Social Science Data Services)

2006-05-24: A1: Leading Users to Knowledge: Data Librarians to the Rescue
Keeping Current in Social Science Data (Without Paddling Upstream)
Joanne Juhnke (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Education on the Fly for the Accidental Library Data Professional: Design Your Professional Publication
Michele Hayslett (North Carolina State University Libraries)

Social Science Data Librarianship: A University Curriculum
Fredric Gey (University of California at Berkeley)
Frank Olken (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Blending Traditional and Data Librarianship
Jennifer Darragh (Pennsylvania State University)
Paula Lackie (Carleton College)
Tiffani Conner (University of Connecticut)

2006-05-24: A2: The Essential Role of Metadata in Resource Discovery
Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Building a Metadata Repository for Time Series Data at the Federal Reserve Board
San Cannon (Federal Reserve Board)
Meredith Krug (Federal Reserve Board)

Research-Based Metadata Requirements for a BLS Reports Archive
Scott C. Berridge (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
John J. Bosley (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Daniel W. Gillman (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

The Madiera Portal: Unified Access to European Data Resources
Alette Gilhus Mykkeltvedt (Norwegian Social Science Data Services)

Enabling Discovery, Integration, and Understanding of Criminal Justice Statistical Information: Developing a Metadata Application Profile
Carol A. Hert (University of Washington, Tacoma)
Sheila O. Denn (University of North Carolina)

2006-05-24: A3: Innovations in Data Dissemination
What's New With SDA?
Tom Piazza (University of California at Berkeley)

Josefina J. Card (Sociometrics Corporation)

University Information System RUSSIA: Database and Value-Added Service for Investigations of Life Quality and Economic Welfare of Households and Individuals in Russia
Tatyana Yudina (Moscow State University)
Anna Bogomolova (Moscow State University)

2006-05-24: B1: Institutional Repositories and Social Science Data: Supporting the Data Life Cycle
Research and IR Cohabitating
Chuck Humphrey (University of Alberta)

Highlights from the .Open Access Timeline
Robin Rice (EDINA, University of Edinburgh)

Cultural Policy the Arts National Data Archive (CPANDA): Model, Mission and Services
Larry McGill (Princeton University)

Institutional Repository (IR) Models
Ron Jantz (Rutgers University Libraries)

Deep Blue
Jim Ottaviani (University of Michigan Library)

2006-05-24: B2: Managing Metadata: Archival Processing
Efficient Ingest of Datasets in a Two-Stage Archival Process: The First Phase - Easy-Store
Marion Wittenberg (DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services, The Hague, The Netherlands)
Rutger Kramer (DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services, The Hague, The Netherlands)

Metadata Management: The Forgotten World of the Back Office
Anne Etheridge (Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS))

Smart Qualitative Data: Methods and Community Tools for Data Mark-Up (SQUAD)
Louise Corti (UK Data Archive)
Libby Bishop (UK Data Archive)

Building Infrastructure and Alliances to Meet Common Goals: The Creation of a Canadian Public Opinion Data Index
Laine Ruus (University of Toronto)
Lois Timms-Ferrara (Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, University of Connecticut)

2006-05-24: B3: Compare and Contrast: Using Cross-National Data
International Comparative Data: Advice to Neophytes
Susan Hook Czarnocki (McGill University)

Evaluating the Quantity and Quality of Publicly Available Cross-National Crime Data
Janet P. Stamatel (University at Albany)

Let's Qualify What is Quantified: The Language of Change - Teachers and Their Expressions of Change in Six Countries
Nora Arato (University of Michigan School of Nursing)

Association of Religion Data Archives
Brian J. Grim (Pennsylvania State University Survey Research Center and the ARDA (Association of Religion Data Archives))

2006-05-24: C1: Data Issues in the Sciences: An Environmental Scan
Data Access and Preservation across the Sciences: New Ideas and Initiatives
Bob Chen (Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN))

The Science Commons Data Project
John Wilbanks (Science Commons)

The Scientific Data Commons and Non-conventional Sources
Harlan Onsrud (University of Maine)

2006-05-24: C2: Effective Design for Data-Rich Web Sites
Evaluation of Web Sites: What Works and What Doesn't
Sue Ellen Hansen (Survey Research Operations, University of Michigan)
Matthew Richardson (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

Building Data-Rich Web Sites: The Integration Projects of the Minnesota Population Center
Bill Block (University of Minnesota Population Studies Center)

Best Practices for Designing and Building Highly Interactive and Data-Aware Web Sites
Mark Gregor (Velir Studios)

2006-05-24: C3: Effective Strategies for Metadata Management
International Household Survey Network: Microdata Management Toolkit
Pascal Heus (International Household Survey Network)

Implementing a National Data Archive in Ethiopia: Challenges and Experience
Yakob Mudesir Seid (Ethiopia Central Statistical Agency)

Microdata Information System MISSY
Andrea Janssen (GESIS/ZUMA (Centre for Survey Research and Methodology))
Jeanette Bohr (GESIS/ZUMA (Centre for Survey Research and Methodology))
Joachim Wackerow (GESIS/ZUMA (Centre for Survey Research and Methodology))

2006-05-24: Roadmap for DDI Tools Development: "Birds of a Feather" Meeting
2006-05-25: Plenary II
Optimizing the Use of Microdata
Julia Lane (National Opinion Research Center)

Protecting Confidentiality in Canadian Research Data Centres
Cynthia Cook (Southwestern Ontario Research Data Centre Program)

2006-05-25: D2: Metadata Models: Mining and Retrieval
Mine Your Data: Contrasting Data Mining Approaches to Numeric and Textual Data Sources
Louise Corti (UK Data Archive)
Karsten Boye Rasmussen (University of Southern Denmark)

Metadata by Design and Fielded Metadata: The Poles of a Space in Which Data Processing Takes Place
Reto Hadorn (Swiss Information and Data Archive Service for the Social Sciences)

The Nature of Data
Frank Farance (Farance Inc.)
Daniel W. Gillman (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

2006-05-25: D3: Enabling Access to Data: Promising Approaches
The Special Licence Model for Access to More Detailed Microdata
Karen Dennison (UK Data Archive)

UK 2001 Census Microdata: Providing Access to Data Subject to Confidentiality Constraints
Jo Wathan (University of Manchester)

Open Access Movement and Data
Jeffrey S. Bullington (University of Kansas Libraries)

2006-05-25: E1: DDI for the Next Decade: Toward Version 3.0 (Part 1)
Locating the Geographic Center of DDI 3.0
Wendy Thomas (University of Minnesota)

Problems of Comparability in the German Microcensus Over Time and the New DDI Version 3.0
Jeanette Bohr (GESIS/ZUMA (Centre for Survey Research and Methodology))
Andrea Janssen (GESIS/ZUMA (Centre for Survey Research and Methodology))
Joachim Wackerow (GESIS/ZUMA (Centre for Survey Research and Methodology))

DDI Version 3 and Instrument Documentation
Karl Dinkelmann (Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan)

2006-05-25: E2: Archival Partners: Handling "Born Digital" Materials
ICPSR and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library: Two Decades of Collaboration
Peter Granda (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

NARA – Roper Center Collaboration: USIA Office of Research Surveys 1952-1999
Marc Maynard (Roper Center)
Michael Carlson (National Archives and Records Administration )

2006-05-25: E3: Applications for Managing and Distributing Geospatial Data
An Update from Statistics Canada
Bernie Gloyn (Statistics Canada)

Leveraging Resources through Partnerships: A Case Study of a Distributed Web Mapping Service
Michele Hayslett (North Carolina State University Libraries)

Got Data? Google Map It!
Paul Bern (Syracuse University)

2006-05-25: D1: Data Life Cycle Management and the Digital Repository: FEDORA-Based Initiatives
A FEDORA-Based Institutional Repository to Support Multidisciplinary Collections
Ron Jantz (Rutgers University Libraries)

Exploring FEDORA's Possibilities to Create a Research Space for the Sciences
Donna J. Tolson (University of Virginia)

Migrating Numeric Data Collections into FEDORA
Gretchen Gano (Yale University)

2006-05-26: Plenary III
Toward a System of Trusted Digital Repositories
Robin Dale (Research Libraries Group)

2006-05-26: F1: We All Count: Quantitative Literacy Efforts and Approaches
Developing a Framework for Quantitative Literacy: Counting on IASSIST
Wendy Watkins (Carleton University)

Creating a Repository of Training Materials: The Canadian Experience
Jane Fry (Carleton University)

Statistical Literacy Survey Results
Milo Schield (W.M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project, Augsburg College)

European Social Survey Education Net: Research-Like Learning in the Social Sciences
Atle Jastad (Norwegian Social Science Data Services)

2006-05-26: F2: Catch and Release: Best Practice Across the Data Life Cycle
Producing Archive-Ready Datasets: Compliance, Incentives, and Motivation
Margaret Hedstrom (University of Michigan)

Two Documents, Three Legs, and Five Stages: Developing an Organizational Response to Digital Preservation Requirements
Nancy McGovern (Cornell University)

The LEADS Database at ICPSR: Identifying Important Social Science Studies for Archiving
Amy Pienta (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

What Goes Around, Comes Around: We Must All be Data Curators Now
Peter Burnhill (University of Edinburgh)

2006-05-26: F3: Moving Beyond Data to Networked Knowledge
Alternative Ways of Presenting Historical Census Data
Luuk Schreven (Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services)
Anouk de Rijk (Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services)

Database Developments to Establish Internet Content Services
Zoltan Lux (1956 Institute, Budapest)

Delivering Government Data to Lawyers and Journalists
Susan Long (Syracuse University)
Linda Roberge (Syracuse University)

Disseminating Survey Information in the Networked World: A UK Resource
Julie Lamb (University of Surrey)

2006-05-26: F4: The Big Picture: GIS Data Challenges and Solutions
State and Local Government Challenges for Geospatial Data Management and Distribution
Robert R. Downs (Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN))
Robert S. Chen (Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN))

Consideration for Security Issues of Geospatial Information Services in Local Governments
Makoto Hanashima (Institute for Areal Studies, Foundation / Institute of Information Security)

Organizing Data With Temporal and Spatial References
Michal Paneth-Peleg (Israel Social Sciences Data Center, The Hebrew University)

Integration of GIS With 2000 China Population Census Data
Shuming Bao (China Data Center, University of Michigan)

2006-05-26: G1: DDI for the Next Decade: Toward Version 3.0 (Part 2)
Arofan Gregory (Aeon LLC)

Chris Nelson (Open Data Foundation)

Three Out of Two People Want to Know: The Issues Behind Conversion to DDI 3
Ken Miller (UK Data Archive)

2006-05-26: G2: New Standards in Statistics and Data Citations
Basic Forms of Citation for Statistics and Data: Towards an Accepted Standard
Gaetan Drolet (Statistics Canada)

A Proposed Standard for the Scholarly Citation of Quantitative Data
Micah Altman (Harvard University)
Gary King (Harvard University)

Tracking and Managing Citations: Data Centers and Best Practices
W. Christopher Lenhardt (Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN))

Challenges and Opportunities in the Implementation of Citation Standards
Jeri Schneider (ICPSR)

2006-05-26: G3: Supporting Data Users in a Networked World
From Primitive Numbers to Knowledge: How Technology Has Enhanced the Dissemination of Social Science Data
Chiu-chuang (Lu) Chou (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Networking in the University Environment: Building Bridges From the Bottom Up
Jennifer Darragh (The Pennsylvania State University Population Research Institute)
Stephen Woods (The Pennsylvania State University Libraries)

Developing a Social Science and GIS Data Service in a Predominantly Undergraduate Library: Past, Present, and Future
Suzette Giles (Ryerson University)

Data Services Awareness and Use Survey: What We Learned About Promoting Data Services
Eleanor Read (University of Tennessee)