Evidence and Enlightenment

Host city: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Dates: May 24-27


2005-05-24: Workshops
W4: Building a Data Library or Data Observatory on the Web Using Nesstar Technology
Jostein Ryssevik (Nesstar, Ltd.)
Margaret Ward (Nesstar, Ltd.)
Cliff Dive (Nesstar, Ltd.)

W5: Data Publishing with Nesstar Publisher
Margaret Ward (Nesstar, Ltd.)
Jostein Ryssevik (Nesstar, Ltd.)
Cliff Dive (Nesstar, Ltd.)

W6: Using Streaming Geospatial Data Sources
Steve Morris (North Carolina State University)
Guy McGarva (EDINA, University of Edinburgh)
James Reid (EDINA, University of Edinburgh)

W7: DDI 102: Codebook Creation and Beyond
William Block (Minnesota Population Center)
Mary Vardigan (ICPSR)

2005-05-25: Plenary I
The Need for Rigour and Accessibility in Comparative Research
Roger Jowell (Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Comparative Social Surveys, City University)

2005-05-25: A1: Cross-national Socio-economic Data: Boundaries of Evidence
Understanding the United Nations Millennium Development Goals indicators -- how to find and interpret the evidence on target achievement
Robert Johnston (United Nations Statistics Division)

Cross National and Intergovernmental Data: Paying for one stop shopping.
Bobray Bordelon (Princeton University)

The production and presentation of statistics of unemployment: comparability issues
John Adams (Napier University)
Ray Thomas (Open University)

The World on a plate: building and supporting a new community of international data users
Keith Cole (ESDS International, University of Manchester)

2005-05-25: A2 : National Initiatives in Coordinating Preservation: Working Together
Data-PASS/NDIIPP: A new effort to harvest our history
Caroline Arms (Library of Congress)

UK strategies for digital preservation and digital curation
Chris Rusbridge (Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh)

North Carolina Geospatial Data Archiving Project/NDIIPP: collection and preservation of at-risk digital geospatial data
Steven P. Morris (North Carolina State University Library)

Data-PASS/NDIIPP: A new effort to harvest our history
Darrell Donakowski (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

2005-05-25: A3 : Enlightened Policies: Improving Collections and Acquisitions
Collecting evidence about studies to guide acquisition policy
Janez Stebe (Social Science Data Archive, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Setting up acquisition policies for a new data archive
Sami Borg (Finnish Social Science Data Archive, University of Tampere)
Helena Laaksonen (Finnish Social Science Data Archive, University of Tampere)

Redesigning and formalising national Data Archives' collection development policies
Amy Pienta (ICPSR, University of Michigan)
Louise Corti (UK Data Archive, University of Essex)

Identifying quality acquisitions from a data deluge
Zoe Bliss (AHDS History)

2005-05-25: B1 : Cross-national Social Data: Building Common Ground
NGO and IGO funded surveys: lessons from Vietnam
Daniel Tsang (University of California, Irvine)

Data archive in developing countries: preservation and dissemination of microdata as an instrument for better development results
Olivier Dupriez (The World Bank, Development Data Group)

DevInfo: A common database
Trevor Croft (UNICEF)
Nicolas Pron (UNICEF)
Kris Oswalt (Community Systems Foundation)

2005-05-25: B2 : Panel: DDI Structural Reform
Inside view of DDI Version 3.0: Structural Reform Group report
Wendy Thomas (Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota)
Arofan Gregory (AEON Consulting)
Tom Piazza (University of California - Berkeley, Computer-Assisted Survey Methods Program)

DDI Comparative Data Working Group: introduction and status
Oliver Watteler (Zentralarchiv)

2005-05-25: B3 : Building Data Services: Evidence from the Users
New user needs will change 'best practice' of data archive services
Irena Vipavc Brvar (Slovene Social Science Data Archive)

Meeting the demand for data professionals
Jane Fry (Data Centre, MacOdrum Library, Carleton University)
Ernie Boyko (Nesstar)

Building a data archive that meets the needs of both researchers and non-researchers: how CPANDA addresses this challenge
Larry McGill (Cultural Policy the Arts National Data Archive, Princeton University)

2005-05-25: C1 : The Life Course of Survey Data: Evidence from New Tools
Demonstration of a Blaise Instrument Documentation System
Gina-Qian Cheung (Institution for Social Research, University of Michigan)

Demonstration of the interactive codebook for the National Survey of Family Growth
I-Lin Kuo (ICPSR, University of Michigan)

Documentation in Blaise: past, present and future
Lon Hofman (Statistics Netherlands)

CASES instrument documentation
Tom Piazza (University of California, Berkeley)

2005-05-25: C3 : New Insights in Providing Data Services: A Variety of Evidence
Improving social science data and statistical services through assessment
Joel Herndon (Duke University, Perkins Library)
Alexandra Cooper (Duke University, Social Science Research Institute (SSRI))

Data libraries: the view from the other side
Margaret Law (University of Alberta Library)

Data archiving at the US Central Bank
Linda Powell (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)

2005-05-26: D1: Data Shaping the Neighbourhood: Localised Insight
Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics and the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation
Tracey Stead (Office of the Chief Statistician, Scottish Executive)
John Fraser (Office of the Chief Statistician, Scottish Executive)
Robert Williams (Office of the Chief Statistician, Scottish Executive)

Barriers and opportunities for remote access to farm business and farm household data
Philip Friend (Economic Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture)

Characterizing rural England using GIS
Anne Owen (University of York)
Steve Cinderby (University of York)
Meg Huby (University of York)

2005-05-26: D2: Enriching Metadata: the Lifecycle Perspective
Survey metadata documentation
Sue Ellen Hansen (Institution for Social Research, University of Michigan)

Providing context for understanding: the data life cycle
Elizabeth Hamilton (University of New Brunswick)

Fitting the life course of the General Social Survey Cycle 17 in the Data Documentation Initiative
Irene Wong (University of Alberta)

The Xtensible Past: XML as a means for easy access to historical research data and a strategy for digital preservation
Annelies G.C.W. van Nispen (Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services (NIWI))
Rutger Kramer (Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services (NIWI))

2005-05-26: D3: Tools to Support Data Services: New Approaches
The SDA online analysis system - recent enhancements
Tom Piazza (University of California, Berkeley)

SOEPMENU: A menu-driven Stata/SE interface for accessing the German Socio-Economic Panel
Mathias Sinning (SOEPMENU)
John P. Haisken-DeNew (SOEPMENU)

Reusing information on websites
Sam Smith (CCSR)

2005-05-26: D4: New Insights in Providing Data Services: A Variety of Evidence
Increased accessibility of datasets and statistical resources through faculty-library collaboration
Lynda Duke (Illinois Wesleyan University)

Capturing meta data on a different kind of data
Mary B. McGrath (Bank of Canada)
Mary Jo Roy (Bank of Canada)

e-Government Information: the same old problem -- newly digitized
Alastair J. Allan (University of Sheffield Library)

2005-05-26: E1: Transforming Social Data into Information
Information issues in health networked organisations: cooperative work and new relationships
Christian Bourret (ISIS, Université de Marne la Vallée)

Bridging information and political science: investigating empirical evidence on political information seeking on the internet, 2000-2004
Alice Robbin (Indiana University)

Digitising Dutch Censuses, 1795-1971; Preliminary results work in progress
Luuk Schreven (Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services (NIWI))

2005-05-26: E2: Tools for Preservation: Integration and Assessment
Preserving and improving the access to large and complex household surveys
Jostein Ryssevik (Nesstar Limited)
Pascal Heus (World Bank)
Olivier Dupriez (World Bank)
Mark Diggory (Harvard University)

The DataWeb/VDC integration
Micah Altman (Harvard-MIT Data Centre)
Cavan Capps (U.S. Bureau of the Census)

An assessment of Virtual Data Center as a tool for dissemination and digital preservation of social science data
Harrison Dekker (University of California, Berkeley, Doe/Moffit Libraries)

2005-05-26: E3: Enlightening Access Control: New Methods
Issues in federated identity management
Sandy Shaw (EDINA, University of Edinburgh)

Shibbolising UK Census and ESDS services
Lucy Bell (UK Data Archive, University of Essex)

The Research Data Centre Program: A fundamental element of the social research infrastructure in Canada
Gustave Goldmann (Statistics Canada)

2005-05-26: E4: Discovering a Profession: the Accidental Data Librarian
Looking for data directions? Ask a data librarian
Luis Martinez (London School of Economics Data Library)
Stuart Macdonald (Edinburgh University Data Library)

“You’re a what?”: taking stock of the data profession
Paul H. Bern (Syracuse University)

First data, then docs
Jeffrey Bullington (University of Kansas)

Establishing a data service: The Numeric GeoSpatial Data Service Proposal
Tiffani Conner (University of Connecticut)

2005-05-26: F1: Timeless Social Data: Past, Present & Future
Industrial classification and the depiction of open source–based production data
Fernando Elichirigoity (University of Illinois)
Cheryl Knott Malone (University of Arizona)

The history of the social survey – the social survey in history
Anne Sofie Fink (Danish Data Archives)

Measuring 'the quantum of happiness': ensuring access to the first ( second) Statistical Account
Peter Burnhill (EDINA National Data Centre Edinburgh University Data Library)
Ann Matheson (Hon. Editor, Statistical Accounts -- formerly Keeper of Books, National Library of Scotland)

2005-05-26: F2: Metadata Enlightenment: Mark-up Standards and Issues
DDI and data
Hans Jørgen Marker (Dansk Data Arkiv)

DDI: does it have a life beyond IASSIST?
Ernie Boyko (Nesstar)

Smart qualitative data: methods and community tools for data mark-up
Louise Corti (UKDA, University of Essex)
Elizabeth Bishop (UKDA, University of Essex)

2005-05-26: F3: Training for the Use of Data: Evidence from the Trenches
Introducing data history to students
Michelle Edwards (University of Guelph)

Training subject librarians to provide data services
Katherine McNeill-Harman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Demystifying data reference
Daniel Edelstein (Princeton University)
Kristi Thompson (Princeton University)

2005-05-27: Plenary II
Testing Social Change
John Curtice (Politics and Director of the Social Statistics Lab at Strathclyde University, Co-Director, British General Election Study, Deputy Director ESRC Centre for Research into Elections and Social Trends (CREST))

2005-05-27: G1: Topical Data Collections: Cultural Gems
Upgrading ABC News/Washington Post data collections using DDI and legacy databases
Mark Maynard (Roper Center for Public Opinion Research)

The integrated photo-documentary online database
Zoltan Lux (The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution)

ASPECT: a digital library approach to Scottish electoral data
Jane Barton (Centre for Digital Library Research, University of Strathclyde)
Alan Dawson (Centre for Digital Library Research, University of Strathclyde)
Andrew Williamson (Centre for Digital Library Research, University of Strathclyde)

The North American Jewish Data Bank: a rare population archive
Cindy Teixeira (Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, University of Connecticut)

2005-05-27: G2: Gaining New Insight from Tables and Aggregate Data: Pivotal News
The FRB and XML: national data and international standards
San Cannon (Division of Research and Statistics, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve)

Bring your tables to the Web
Jostein Ryssevik (NESSTAR Limited)

Data management lessons learned from developing GPW v3: implications for users
W. Christopher Lenhardt (CIESIN - Columbia University)

Strengths and weaknesses of the DDI Aggregate Data Extension in directly driving an on-line data visualisation system
Humphrey Southall (University of Portsmouth)

2005-05-27: G3:Transforming Data Archives: the Latest Insights
A new data infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences in the Netherlands
Peter Doorn (NIWI-KNAW)

Transforming National Data Services: Australia
Deborah Mitchell (ACSPRI, Australian Social Science Data Archive (ASSDA))
Sophie Holloway (ACSPRI, Australian Social Science Data Archive (ASSDA))

Transforming National Data Services: Canada
Charles Humphrey (University of Alberta)

The data infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe: current situation and prospects
Birgitte Hausstein (Central Archive for Empirical Social Research, University of Cologne)
Ludmila Khakhulina (Independent Institute for Social Policy Russian Social Data Archive)
Larissa Kosova (Independent Institute for Social Policy Russian Social Data Archive)
Janez Stebe (Social Science Data Archive, University of Ljubljana)

2005-05-27: H1: Becoming Enlightened about Discovering Data: Finding Evidence
Citing statistics and data: where are we today?
Gaetan Drolet (Statistics Canada)

System of subject headings for Russian Federation budget data information system
Anna Bogomolova (Moscow State University)
Tatyana Yudina (Moscow State University)

Sensor grids for the social sciences
Rob Procter (National Centre for e-Social Science)

Discovery channels
Kenneth Miller (UK Data Archive, University of Essex)

2005-05-27: H2: Shaping Metadata Insight: The Metadater Tool
Metadater: data models and tools for documenting comparative research data
Ekkehard Mochmann (GESIS- ZA Cologne)
Uwe Jensen (GESIS- ZA Cologne)

The data model and data production procedures and dissemination
Marios Fridakis (Greek Social Data Bank at EKKE)
John Kallas (Greek Social Data Bank at EKKE)

MetaDater's perspective on cross-national and diachronic data
Reto Hadorn (SIDOS)

THE Metadater data model and the formation of a grid for the support of social research
John Kallas (Greek Social Data Bank at EKKE)

2005-05-27: H3: Using National Data
Canadian statistics: evidence for enlightened democracy
Alan Bulley (Statistics Canada)

Academic researchers and their use of digital data preserved in the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Margaret O. Adams (NARA)

Economic data and publications as snapshots in time
Katrina Stierholz (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

Large-scale, cross-sectional government datasets; research published and recent developments
Jo Wathan (Centre for Census and Survey Research, University of Manchester)
Vanessa Higgins (Centre for Census and Survey Research, University of Manchester)