Data in the Digital Library: Charting the Future of Social, Spatial and Government Data

Host city: Chicago

Dates: June 7-10, 2000


2000-06-07: A0: Innovations in Large Scale Data Dissemination Systems
Digital Library Support for Sharing and Replication: A Report on the Virtual Data Center
Micah Altman (Harvard University)

The Data Web and FERRETT: Innovations in Integrating Distributed Federal, State, and Local Data
Cavan Capps (U.S. Bureau of the Census)

FASTER: Accelerated Access to Official and Statistical Data
Simon Musgrave (Data Archive, University of Essex)
Jostein Ryssevik (Norwegian Social Science Data Services)

International Integrated Microdata Access System
Steven Ruggles (Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota)
Catherine Fitch (Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota)

2000-06-07: B0: The Politics of Census 2000 -- Implications for Data Quality
Progress and Problems of Preserving and Providing Acess to Qualitative Data for Social Research: the international picture of an emerging culture
Kenneth Prewitt (U.S. Bureau of the Census)

2000-06-07: C1: International Infrastructures for Statistical Data
EUSTAGE: Towards a European Statistical Agency as an Intermediate Data Facility in Europe
Wouter De Groot (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research)

Web-based Data Enters Classrooms in Countries in Transition
Dusan Soltes (Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Developing Statistical Infrastructure in other countries: The Statistics Canada Experience
Ernie Boyko (Statistics Canada)

International Training Activities in the U.S. Census Bureau
Robert D. Bush ()

2000-06-07: C2: Technical and Legal Perspectives on Digital Archives
Muddying the Waters: When the Laws Dictate Archival Decisions
Thomas E. Brown (NARA)

Collection-Based Persistent Long Term Preservation
Robert Chadduck (NARA)

Authenticity as a Requirement of Preserving Digital Data and Records
Eun G. Park (UCLA)
Shelby Sanett (UCLA)

2000-06-07: C3: Building Connections among Heterogenous Terminologies and Multiple Languages
Seamless Searching of Textual and Numeric Resources
Fred Gey (University of California, Berkeley)

Metadata in International Database Systems and the United Nations Common Database (UNCDB)
Robert Mayo (United Nations Statistics Division)

Limbering Up: Preparing for the Race to Provide Multi-lingual Access and Automatic Indexing
Ken Miller (University of Essex)

2000-06-07: D1: Panel
From Many, One: The Archival Infrastructure for U.S. Social Science Data Research
Margaret O. Adams (NARA)
Cindy Severt (University of Wisconsin)
Ilona Einowski (UC Data, Berkeley)
Janet Vavra (ICPSR)

2000-06-07: D2: Promoting GIS Literacy
The ARL GIS Literacy Project: Support for Government Data Services in the Digital Library
Mary French (University of Missouri-Columbia)

The Role of GIS in the University
John C. Hudson (Northwestern University)

Developing and Using Finding Aids for Geospatial Data
Steven Morris (North Carolina State University)

2000-06-07: D3: Effective Use of Technology in Delivering Data
Systems Implementation of the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series: ADescription of the Computing Infrastructure of the IPUMS
William Block (University of Minnesota)

The E-Codebook Data Extraction Web Interface
Ron Nakao (Stanford University)

Providing Student Workspaces for Data Analysis on the Web
Tom Piazza (University of California, Berkeley)

2000-06-08: E0: Panel
Research Centres and Confidential Data
Paul Bernard (University of Montreal)
Michael Clune (University of California, Berkeley)
Ron Dekker (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research)

2000-06-08: F1: Building on the DDI/DTD Foundation: Additional Perspectives on DTD Application and Use
The Development of a Generalized Resource Tool for Aggregate Data (GRETA) at the University of Minnesota
Wendy Treadwell (University of Minnesota)

ISSP Data Wizard
Marcus Schommler (InformationsZentrum Sozialwissenschaften)

Where will DDI-documented Data Come From?
Tom Piazza (University of California, Berkeley)

How to Use the DDI DTD in Day to Day Archive Practice
Marion Wittenberg (NIWI)

2000-06-08: F2: Panel
The Role of Data Quality in Social Science Research
Paul Bernard (University of Montreal)
Josephina J. Card (Sociometrics, Inc.)
Michael Carley (Sociometrics, Inc.)
Cathyrn Dippo (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

2000-06-08: G1: Whither IASSIST? or IASSIST in the 21st Century
Descriptive Figures and Hints for Further Research: IASSIST as a Virtual Community
Karsten Boye Rasmussen (University of Southern Denmark)
Repke de Vries (Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services)

The IASSIST Five year Plan, Ten Years After
Chuck Humphrey (University of Alberta)
Ann Green (Yale University)

2000-06-09: H0: Culture Shock and Identity Crisis: Data in Libraryland
Culture Shock and Identity Crisis: Data in Libraryland
Deborah Dancik (University of Alberta)
Tom Parris (Harvard University)
Jean Sykes (London School of Economics)

2000-06-09: I1
Digital Library Federation: Reorganizing, Refocusing, and Moving Towards Concrete Collaboration
Daniel Greenstein (Digital Library Federation)

2000-06-09: I2: Integrated Geospatial Information Systems and Services
Spatial Data Integration Challenges: The Gridded Population of the World Approach
W. Christopher Lenhardt (CIESIN)

EDINA Digimap: an internet mapping and data service for the UK Higher Education Community
David Medyckyj-Scott, et al (University of Edinburgh)

Discover, Visualize, and Access Geomatics Data and Services: Current Concepts and Technology
Cameron Wilson (Natural Resources Canada)

2000-06-09: I3: Dynamics of Digital Objects and Accompanying Metadata
Representing Metadata with Intelligent Agents: An Initial Prototype
Edward Brent (Idea Works, Inc.)
Albert Anderson (Public Data Queries)
G. Alan Thompson (Idea Works, Inc.)

Hyperlinking the World of Social Science: Integrating Text and Data in a Global Hypertext Space
Jostein Ryssevik (Norwegian Social Science Data Services)

User Driven Integrated Statistical Solutions- Digital Government by the People for the People
Mark E. Wallace (U.S. Census Bureau)

2000-06-09: J1: Archives and Assignments: Instructional Uses of Data Services
Archives as Teaching Tools: Using the American Religion Data Archive for Undergraduate Instruction
Roger Finke (Pennsylvania State University)

Moving from the Blackboard to the Computer: Using Data in a Classroom Setting
Lisa Neidert (University of Michigan)

Promoting Use of Numeric Datasets in Learning and Teaching Through Enhanced Local Support
Robin Rice (Edinburgh University)
Melanie Wright (University of Essex)

2000-06-09: J2: Qualitative Data: Collecting, Preserving and Sharing
Progress and Problems of Preserving and Providing Acess to Qualitative Data for Social Research: the international picture of an emerging culture
Louise Corti (University of Essex)

Data Archives: Documentation of and access to sensitive data: the International Committee for the Red Cross project
Reto Hadorn (Swiss Information Service and Data Archive for the Social Sciences)

Making Qualitative Research Reusable: Case in Finland
Arja Kuula (Finnish Social Science Data)

Informatics-based Support for Research and Education in the Field of Contemporary Studies
Zoltan Lux (1956 Institute)

2000-06-09: J3: Economics and Business Resources in your Data Library
Technical Issues in Providing Economic and Financial Data
Paul Bern (Princeton University)

Meeting the Needs of Economic and Financial Data Users
Heather McMullen (Harvard University)

Finding Global Economic Statistics is Easy. Isn't it?
Sean Townsend (London School of Economics)

2000-06-10: Workshops
Creating a Data Service
Jocelyn Tipton (Yale University)
Christof Galli (Duke University)

Preparing Data for Your User Community
Bo Wandschneider (University of Guelph)
Gregory Haley (Columbia University)

The Data Documentation Initiative: Creating XML Documents and XSL Style Sheets
Ann Green (Yale University)
Peter Joftis (ICPSR)
Bill Block (University of Minnesota)
Peter Granda (ICPSR)
Patrick Yott (University of Virginia)

Publishing DDI-documented data through NESSTAR
Jostein Ryssevik (Norwegian Social Science Data Services)
Lene Wule (Danish Data Archive)
Ken Miller (University of Essex Data Archive)
Melanie Wright (University of Essex Data Archive)

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Social Sciences
Steve Morris (North Carolina State University)

Locating and Documenting US Spatial Data
Michael Furlough (University of Virginia)