Introducing the Open Research Toolkit

By Christopher Eaker | December 2, 2021

Introducing the Open Research Toolkit

Open research helps increase the visibility of important discoveries and extend them to new places. It helps to increase participation in research by underrepresented and underfunded groups. The open research ecosystem extends beyond just open access to data and publications. The principles of openness in research should extend to the entire research lifecycle.

Have you wanted to learn more about open research, how you can promote it at your institution, and how you can embrace its principles in your own work? Christopher Eaker, Data Curation Librarian at the University of Tennessee Libraries, has just published the Open Research Toolkit on the Open Science Framework. The ORT is a series of educational modules designed to help librarians learn more about the open research ecosystem. Each module contains a slide deck in both PowerPoint and Google Slides, presentation notes in docx and pdf, a narrated video of the slides, and a bibliography of resources related to the topic. All videos are publicly accessible on YouTube, and the video files are available for download from the Open Science Framework. Videos on YouTube contain both English and Spanish subtitles. Christopher has assigned a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license to all original work in the ORT, so anyone can use and adapt however they like with attribution to the creator.

The modules in the Open Research Toolkit cover the following topics:

  • Module 1: The Open Research Ecosystem
  • Module 2: Principles & Practices of Open Research
  • Module 3: The Philosophical Underpinning of Open Research
  • Module 4: Open Access to Published Research
  • Module 5: Open Access to Research Data
  • Module 6: FAIR Data Principles
  • Module 7: Reproducibility of Research
  • Module 8: The Five Rs of Open Research
  • Module 9: Open Peer Review
  • Module 10: Open Licensing of Data & Software
  • Module 11: Open Advocacy
  • Module 12: Citizen Science
  • Module 13: Open Research Policies
  • Module 14: Open Education Resources

More resources and additional modules may be added over time.

All resources in the ORT can be found here:

All videos are on the ORT Channel on YouTube here:

For comments, suggestions, or corrections, or to collaborate on more modules, contact Christopher Eaker at