IASSIST Geospatial Interest Group 2017 Report

By informjennifer | May 16, 2017


2016-2017 Report on the IASSIST Geospatial Interest Group

The group was founded in the Spring/Summer of 2016 and met at the 2016 Bergen conference. The central purpose of the IASSIST Geospatial Interest Group is to create a network for members focused on issues of geospatial data as related to the social sciences. The current chair is Jennifer Moore (Washington University in St. Louis)

At the meeting in Bergen (review notes) we discussed the merits of an IASSIST geospatial interest group in relation to existing groups (e.g. ALA), recommending geospatial resources and tools for institutions with limited resources available to support GIS, and whether the interest group needs to be laser focused on the social sciences.


As a result of the discussions, we developed lists of resources and tools, which are not exhaustive.

For communication we established a Google Group, but traffic has been light. In 2017/2018 the group may explore a more effective communication tool.