The Data Information Literacy (DIL) Case Studies Directory

By mingluwang | November 6, 2015

The Data Information Literacy (DIL) Case Studies Directory is a repository of teaching cases and material on research data management. DIL case studies are available for re-use under a CC-BY license and information on how to cite a case study is provided. 

Recent Case Studies include:

Engineering / Faculty / Sapp Nelson / Purdue University / 2015 [Megan R. Sapp Nelson]{.auth}

Electrical and Computer Engineering/ Undergraduates/ Carlson & SappNelson/ Purdue University/ 2012{.nodisplay}[Jake Carlson and Megan R. Sapp Nelson]{.auth}

Agriculture and Biological Engineering/ Graduate Students/ Bracke & Fosmire/ Purdue University/ 2012 [Marianne S. Bracke and Michael Fosmire]{.auth}

Natural Resources / Graduate Students / Wright & Andrews / Cornell University / 2013 [Sarah J. Wright and Camille Andrews]{.auth}

Civil Engineering/ Graduate Students/ Johnston & Jeffryes/ University of Minnesota/ 2012 [Lisa Johnston and Jon Jeffryes]{.auth}

Ecology/ Graduate Students/ Westra & Walton/ University of Oregon/ 2012 [Brian Westra and Dean Walton]{.auth}

Agriculture/ Graduate Students/ Carlson & Bracke/ Purdue University/ 2014 [Jake Carlson and Marianne S. Bracke]{.auth}


“The DIL Directory welcomes submissions of learning materials from DIL programs developed by librarians, archivists or other information professionals. Submissions will be reviewed by the editors of the directory and should include a brief description of the program. If accepted, the case study is assigned a DOI to enable citation as a part of the publication process. More information about submitting materials for publication can be found in the “Policies” section. See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal."