iassist 2015: the conference song!

By walterg | June 17, 2015

Here it is, at long last - the words to the 2015 IASSIST conference song! Thanks to: Melanie Wright for her excellent guitar work, singing, and help with lyrics; Lisa Neidert, for lyric ideas; and the self-proclaimed Data-ettes (Daniel Edelstein, Joanne Webb, Kakia Chatsiou, Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh, Victoria Mitchell), for their enthusiasm and wonderful work singing the choruses. A link to a video will be added once someone informs me of its existence!

WE ARE IASSIST (to the tune of “Little Red Corvette”, by Prince)

I guess we should have known, The Minnesota crew would always put on a show The theme for this year’s conference Bridging the data divide Would tell where we’d go

Tweets were coming out now, workshops were so great, They told us what we should know Then it was Tuesday night, beginning IASSIST right We said “Now it was time to go”

(And then we all say)

We’re at IASSIST! It will go much too fast Now it’s IASSIST! Data nerds will make it last

Wednesday sessions started, The rain began as well and it never seemed to stop; Census nerds heard stories, goats & sheep were heard too, The quality never dropped.

At the business meeting, Tuomas was our new prez; we saw the donut chart; Then it was poster session time, and more discussion time, Food & drink to make us smart.

(Now we all say)

More of IASSIST! Bill and Bo see the Stones It’s still IASSIST! Tweets make us feel we’re not alone.

Facebook’s maximising profit or altruistic bridging the divide in the Internet? Challenges for training, ideas for curation Constructive arrogance and more yet.

Using web cam data, lying metadata authors Pechachkas were the best Wine data, pie, it’s always better with cats, Bergen surprised with trolls and metal death.

(We say)

Banquet time IASSIST! Celebrate on the right bank; Dancing at IASSIST! That page was purposely left blank …

Friday’s protein breakfast Coffee, cake, and Danish, the day was then in our hands; Training data users, challenges of linking, Using data management plans

Our plenary speaker told us Open Data Geeks have unfair advantages More sessions make us wise, now it’s closing wrap-up time, What an amazing conference it was!


That was IASSIST! It was the best one ever, Next year’s IASSIST See you all in Bergen next year!