IASSIST 2014 conference song

By walterg | June 8, 2014

Sung to the tune of Gordon Lightfoot’s  “If You Could Read My Mind”; thanks to San, Paula, Bill, and Vince for their suggestions, and Vince, Dan and Kate for helping to drown out my own voice :) If anyone has a video version of this, send me the link, so I can add it here:

If you could read my data What a tale these points would tell At Toronto’s IASSIST 40 Data folk began to dwell At the hockey game We began to meet With colleagues and old friends These meetings never end Aligning data with infrastructure of research is what it’s all about

If you were at this IASSIST Many fantastic talks you heard All of the sexy specialists Seemed to tweet on what they heard When you reached the talk ‘bout the data dude The seating was all gone The tweeting would go on We don’t want the talks to end Because excitement’s just too hard to fake

Chuck walked away with the plenary When the speaker didn’t show Improv – way to go! IASSIST’s big tent will cover everyone who works with data now We will show them how The Steam Whistle banquet was great Where we could get more beer with tickets Myron’s talk went slightly wrong, his script was gone but he managed to get it back

If you could read my hashtag You’d have seen some tweets galore How Justin Hayes raps data Declare variables not war Robin’s free at last, ‘cause her session’s done And Bit Rot Bitter’s cool The tweeting never ends If you read the twitter feed You soon will see the many things we do The talent’s always there We always seem to feel this way And we’ve got to say that we really get it The only thing that seems so wrong Is the long time before we meet again.