iassist 2012 conference song

By walterg | June 9, 2012

My thanks to Vince Gray, Lisa Neidert, and Melanie Wright for help with the lyrics, Melanie for the great guitar accompaniment, and Melanie, Vince, and Kate McNeill for singing along (and thereby drowning out the sound of what passes for my singing voice :)

(Sung, sort of, to the tune of “America the beautiful”)

It’s 2012 in Washington, We met for IASSIST; Unfortunately we’re all done, But memories persist -      IASSIST oh IASSIST,      We look forward to you;      The meetings and the people      Give us so much to do.

Meetings started Sunday And all day Monday too; Workshops took up Tuesday - Evening reception too.      Wednesday’s plenary began      Things in a proper way;      Talks on research management,      Pecha kuchas filled the day.

Thursday was a special day Will lots of talks to view; The boat cruise on a special night - Eight presidents hove to.      Wordles, wordles everywhere,      And metadata too;      Captain Carrot’s data cows      Make data folks say “mooooo”.

On Friday things start winding down - We all start going home. The song starts getting written down - The banner finds a new home.      IASSISTers, please persist;      We’ll meet you all next year      In 2013 in Cologne,      We’ll drink the better beer!