Roper Centre recognition

By robin | April 7, 2011

To iassist:

It isn’t every day that an incoming university president envies data over basketball! Congratulations to our colleagues at the Roper Center for this well deserved recognition.

Susan Herbst, incoming President at the University of Connecticut: What about UConn drew you here?

“There are many aspects of UConn that attracted me, but the primary one is the spirit of the institution. Growing up in the Northeast, I knew many people who attended UConn and held a deep, abiding love of the University. Then as a professor, over the years I watched from a distance as it became a stronger and stronger University. And there were particular parts of UConn I envied: The Roper Center, for example, is vitally important in my field of public opinion research. So, all these things taken together – the spirit of the alumni, the strong academics, and the beautiful campus – were a big draw.”


[posted on behalf of Ann Green]