IASSIST Twitter Account!

By Amy West | September 23, 2010

Your friendly web editors have some news about the IASSIST web presence!

We’re happy to report that we now have an official organizational Twitter account: [https://twitter.com/iassistdata. We hope to use this account to facilitate additional communication among IASSIST members. 

Ways to view this Twitter account:

Each of these views will include posts by https://twitter.com/iassistdata. Please note, a post by http://twitter.com/iassistdata can include 

  • original statements,
  • republishing posts from other Twitter users (“retweeting” or RTs because, yes, “retweet” is a very silly word) and
  • a reply to a specific Twitter user (an “@ reply” or a mention).

If you want to direct a post of your own to 

then you should first follow https://twitter.com/iassistdata and second include “@iassistdata” somewhere in the post. Don’t worry though - even if you forget the “@iassistdata”, interesting posts about data will very likely be RT’d by https://twitter.com/iassistdata.

For any posts you wish to direct to https://twitter.com/iassistdata that are about the upcoming conference, we request that you use the tag “#iassist2011”. An archive of these posts has already been set up at https://twapperkeeper.com/hashtag/iassist2011. An example of what we mean would be

 “Hey, @iassistdata - know of anyone in need of a ride to the airport at the end of #iassist2011?”

For those not familiar with Twitter and interested in trying it: