E-Science and Data Support

By bo@uoguelph.ca | August 25, 2010

[[[E-Science and Data Support Services: A Study of Association of Research Libraries Member Institutions http://bit.ly/cKmaO6]{.entry-content}]{.status-content}]{.status-body} .

This was tweeted to our site last week, but in case you weren’t following the tweets, this is  worth a read.  There are quotes from IASSIST folks, and there is some interesting information in it, in terms of what people are doing.  This  may help shape what you are doing.   It has been blogged and tweeted elsewhere and is now posted on the Educause site.

I think there is some interesting information in the section on “staffing e-science Activities” that might help define a what a ‘designation’ for someone in this field may look like.  It may also help outline what sort of training we could do when moving individuals into e-sciences.   This is something that I know we have tallked about at IASSIST.

The report highlights in a positive light that 72% of respondents have a Library Science degree at the masters level or higher.  Not being a librarian myself, I like to focus on the fact that 28% do not have this.   I think at the end of the day bringing these two types of professionals together leads to better outcomes, rather than trying to roll all of it into one person.  Or maybe I want to suggest we have not evolved the role(s) enough to have many people who bring all things to the table.  :-)