IASSIST '08 Followup, Part 1: Try Aquifer!

By PamB | June 19, 2008

Like everyone else, I’ve managed to catch up after being out of the office.  But IASSIST was worth every minute!  It was a pretty jampacked week, so I’m just getting around to blogging a few observations.

I allocated too few moments to visiting the poster sessions.  One that intrigued me was the Digital Library Federation’s American Social History Online project, or Aquifer.  (Maybe it’s the fact that I was a history major.)  Aquifer brings together fascinating resources from over 100 digital collections, all delivered right to your desktop: sheet music from the 19th century; a great photo of Teddy Roosevelt speaking to members of the National Negro Business League;  portraits of the Brooklyn Dodgers (remember them?);  a firsthand travel account of Scandinavia from 1863; U.S. political cartoons that make current caricatures look pretty tame.

Do check out Aquifer:  http://www.dlfaquifer.org/

Pam Baxter
IASSIST U.S. Region Secretary