Should Americans Be Able to Complete the Census Online?

By jajacobs | January 31, 2008

Using examples from Canada, Norway, and Australia, this report recommends that the U.S Census Bureau provide an online data collection option for all major household surveys that allow a paper response including the Census and promote the Internet survey response option as a secure, low-cost, and time-saving option.

Given the increasingly digital world that we live in, most Americans will be surprised to learn that they will be unable to complete the 2010 Census online. In a new report, ITIF analyzes the decision made by the U.S. Census Bureau to eliminate the Internet response option and concludes that allowing respondents to submit their survey online would have saved the Census Bureau and taxpayers money. In addition, ITIF challenges the conventional wisdom that using the Internet for such an application poses a security risk, and outlines how other countries have met this challenge.

  • jim jacobs