It was the best IASSIST ever!

By San | May 22, 2007

Until next year of course!

This year’s conference is done and Anastassia, Susan, and the wonderful Local arrangement folks at McGill are probably breathing a sigh of relief! Lots of informations was presented and some of it was absorbed! More will likely be reviewed over coming weeks preceded by the usual “Now I know I saw a presentation about this at IASSIST….”

If you were one of those fine presenters, please don’t forget to submit a paper to the IQ (instructions for doing so are on the IASSIST website). Also, we want to make sure that your presentation itself is captured for prosperity so please check with Lisa Neidert (lisan at to make sure we have a copy.

Hopefully, we’ll have more wrap up materials being posted soon…. if I can convince Bo to cough up some photos and coerce Melanie to share the song lyrics. Of course, Harrison Decker has really captured the Web 2.0 spirit and posted a video of the performance on YouTube!

For the rest, you’ll have to rely on fond memories and the promises that next year’s conference will again be the best IASSIST ever! I’ll be posting planning info here as the months progress so stay tuned. Let me know if you want to be part of the planning committee. Otherwise, think about the possibilities for:

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(Click on the image for a version that human eyes can see! Send suggestions! (scannon at

Submitted by San Cannon