Can we build a data finder with google?

By jajacobs | October 24, 2006

Google has announced a new service, that might make it possible for the data community to collaborate to build a customized data-finder. The service is the Google Custom Search Engine (CSE).

Similar in some ways to Rollyo, a service that has been around for some time, the Google CSE has several nice features:

  • Limit results of a Google search to specific sites.
  • Exclude sites from search results.
  • Collaborate on the selection of the sites to search and exclude
  • Customize the search results page
  • Add “refinements” that make it easy for users to refine search results
  • Eliminate Google ads if hosted by a university, government agency, or non-profit

There is a story about the service on eWeek: Google Copies Rollyo’s Business Plan, Inserts AdSense (October 24, 2006 4:01 AM) by Steve Bryant. There will surely be lots more in the news soon.

Has anyone else started experimenting with this? I’d be interested in working with a small group to start experimenting. If you are already doing something or would like to start, let me know. (jajacobs at

  • Jim Jacobs