Wikipedia entry for Data Library - please help!

By robin | October 5, 2006

Luis Martinez, IASSIST member and Data Librarian at the London School of Economics, has begun an entry on Wikipedia on the topic “Data Library”. Luis welcomes this community’s help in fleshing it out and providing more context. For those who have never been involved with Wikipedia, the editors come round and add comments, and often seem to judge the importance of an entry based on the number of people involved with ‘curating’ it.


So if you’ve never edited a Wikipedia topic before, this is your chance! To get to grips with the notation, you can play around in the ‘sandbox’ area. Or, go right in and ‘edit’ and try to copy the notation from elsewhere in the wiki. You can see who made changes to what in the History tab. There is an internal link to ‘datasets’ from the entry, which may also need some work!