The Chronicle: Colloquy: Data Deluge

By jajacobs | June 19, 2006

The Chronicle of Higher Education is sponsoring an online discussion on Thursday, June 22 on the topic of preserving data.


The Chronicle: Colloquy: Data Deluge

Thanks to digital technology, scientists are generating vast amounts of valuable data that, months later, may be irretrievable or indecipherable. Librarians are being called in to archive that information, but financial, technical, and even cultural barriers stand in the way. Who should pay for archiving digital data? Should it be stored close by, where it can remain private, or in large, central repositories?


D. Scott Brandt, associate dean of libraries at Purdue University, is helping to build a repository of scientific data that will be idistributed,i or stored on the hard drives of faculty members, on departmental servers, or as part of a large-scale computing project run by Purdue and a handful of other institutions. He will respond to questions and comments about these issues on Thursday, June 22, at 2 p.m., U.S. Eastern time. Readers are welcome to post questions and comments now.

– jim jacobs