Waxing Lyrical about IASSIST 2006

By San | June 8, 2006

Melanie Wright and her doo-wop partners, Jen Green and Joanne Juhnke, treated us to this year’s song at the wrap up session. These fine phrases should be set to the tune of “My Girl”

There was sunshine after weeks of rain
When the IASSISTers to Ann Arbor came
Why have we come so far?
What can drag us from the bar?
Data (data) talkin’ ’bout data (data)

GIS, SDA and Atlas-TI
Data lifecycles, and of course DDI
in the Reading Room we made some noise
and ogled gorgeous jazz band boys
and data (data) always talkin’ ’bout data (data)

Atkins talked about cyberinfrastructures new
Make your report title long enough, they’ll just call it after you.
Europe won’t be left behind
Unless the Commission changes its mind
about data (data) infrastructure for data (data)

Oh those data librarians are accident prone
With FEDORA and D-space, we’ll keep our digital objects at home.
But not if Chuck has his way [GET OVER IT!]
Data professionals will save the day
And the data (data) we’ll save the data (data) oooh oooh


Well we honoured heroes of our own
With lifetime awards for Ilona and Tom
It’s turtle time for Wendy T
After 9 years with the Treasury
And the data (data) always championing data (data)

The tornado raged blowing rain through the door
Spyder rock and rolled, and we all hit the floor
We ponied, bumped and did the Twist
Walter put the Me back in IASSIST
And the data (data) it’s all about [ME] data (data)

On Friday morning we talked about trust.
Great discussions and talks closing pictures a must.
There’d better be a good pool hall
When we meet next year in Montreal
Oh data (data) we’ll be talkin’ ’bout data (data)