IASSIST Members Participate in Social Science Week

By San | June 27, 2005

The ESRC Social Science Week was celebrated from June 20-24, 2005 in the UK. As part of the event, several specialists were invited to write articles about how the Internet has changed the ways in which research is done in the social sciences.

Three IASSIST members were the contributing authors on Wednesday, June 22nd, which had a focus on access to data. Alastair Allan wrote about e-government information and its challenges; Robin Rice addressed issues of access and the uses of open access publishing and digital repositories; and Melanie Wright described the many changes in delivering data using the Internet and this impact on data services.

Their articles are available at the SOSIG website and are listed individually for your convenience here:

  1. e-Government Information: the same old problem … newly digitized! Alastair Allan
  2. The Internet and democratisation of access to data Robin Rice
  3. How has the internet changed the way we access data? Melanie Wright

Congratulations Melanie, Robin and Alastair!