IASSIST Discussion List

discuss [ at ] lists.iassistdata.org (former IASST-L at lists.columbia.edu) is an email discussion list for IASSIST members. Only members may subscribe and post to the list. Everyone with a current membership and for whom we have an email address, and an indication that you wish to join the list, is registered on this distribution list. You may opt in or out by editing your subscription preference at our membership site.

This service was initially created to facilitate communication among IASSIST members between annual conferences. The format of this distribution list is similar to other professional newsletters. We want to share career and pro development opportunities, conference announcements, important dates, workshops and training programs, minutes from IASSIST meetings, reports from committees and groups, news items about members, and information from other professional associations.

The list has also become an important source of support for members to query other data professionals about data sources and best practice in serving users.

As a non-profit organization, the resources of IASSIST, including its discussion list, are not to be used for commercial purposes including advertizing or other promotional efforts related to commercial products. IASSIST Policy does permit, however, the use of its discussion list for announcements of the availability of new datasets from members' institutions and conferences for other organizations. IASSIST Policy does not permit the use of this service by, or for, non-members.

Please contact the List Moderator if you have any questions, or would like to have a separate discussion list for your IASSIST interest group or similar.