Open Data and Evidence Analyst

Posted to IASSIST on: 2021-08-16

Employer: Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC)


ICPSR is working on developing an open data platform for the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Related to this, MCC has an open position (extended until 8/18) for an open data expert and analyst who will work with the data/content being added to the new data platform.


MCC requires an Open Data and Evidence Analyst (ODEA) to support MCC’s efforts to (i) publish, (ii) monitor and report on, and (iii) maximize use and analyze evidence to inform MCC decision-making. Specifically:

  • Publish Evidence (45% FTE) – To support MCC’s commitments to evidence-sharing and transparency for accountability and learning, the ODEA will support ongoing evidence supply efforts by MCC to make its data and documentation transparent and accessible on the MCC Evidence Platform. In addition, this workstream will ensure evidence generated by MCC data activities contributes to the broader development effectiveness evidence-base.
  • Monitor and Report on Evidence (10% FTE) – To support a consistent feedback loop back into the agency for a broader and shared understanding of evidence generated by MCC data activities, the ODEA will identify and monitor how various internal and external stakeholders – including researchers, students, policy makers, and congressional staff – make use of the data and documentation published to the MCC Evidence Platform. This workstream will identify the additional learning products – such as graduate thesis papers, peer-reviewed journal articles, other development agency white papers – that describe evidence of MCC investments that extend and complement the original MCC-commissioned evaluation analysis reports and ensure these products are shared with the relevant MCC staff.
  • Maximize Use and Analyze Evidence (45% FTE) – To support MCC’s commitments to evidence-based decision-making, the ODEA will provide centralized support that responds to agency evidence demand through research support and analysis efforts that maximize use and understanding of MCC project-related evidence (from independent evaluations, primary analysis of MCC-funded data published through Task 1, and external publications identified in Task 2), as well as research assistance on the broader relevant evidence-base outside MCC project-related evidence.

The ODEA will support efforts to report on how evidence of MCC’s measured results is published, monitored, and used through blogs, dispatches, workshops, trainings, and other presentations.

Archived on: 2021-09-29