Graduate Intern, Research Library (Two positions)

Posted to IASSIST on: 2019-10-15

Employer: Federal Reserve Board

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The Research Library is offering a paid summer internship for graduate level library or information science students. We offer a full array of desktop and customized library services to staff members at the Board and assist in data intensive and web-dependent Board Research.

The Research Library intern will help improve library services to the Board research and professional community. The intern will work on several of the following projects that represent a variety of the library’s responsibilities.

Preparing for Library Move*

  • Perform collection management and other tasks in preparation for move. These include deaccessioning materials within a set of guidelines, offering and shipping materials to other Federal libraries, discarding withdrawn materials, shifting materials to reduce large shelving gaps, measuring and tracking what is removed, and updating records and documentation for material disposition.

*This responsibility could potentially represent the majority of the internship hours.

Data Inventory Catalog Record Enrichment

  • Assist with the curation and cataloging of data sets using international and local standards and practices, potentially including stakeholder interviews. Enrich dataset records using subject analysis and normalization of inconsistent metadata, and researching/populating content for new metadata fields.
  • Assist with authority control and data cleanup of vendor records. Link research with data assets used in research, to display in data inventory. Process and analyze search logs for controlled subject vocabulary term enrichment.

Scholarly Research and Communications

  • Create researcher IDs (ORCID, etc.) for Board authors and connect those IDs to author publications.
  • Assist with moving institutional repository to responsive design. Survey users regarding institutional repository and scholarly communications.

Taxonomy Standardization

  • Review scope notes to standardize formats, update taxonomy terms in SharePoint, and apply taxonomy terms to catalog records.


  • Research and report out on several topics of interest to library strategy, including issues in scholarly communications, research data, and library management.


  • Draft a presentation and outreach materials to promote data mapping resources.
  • Assist with review of general marketing materials.

Position Requirements

Enrolled in a Master’s degree program in library or information science at an ALA-accredited institution

Knowledge and interest in library technology

A minimum of 15-20 credits in foundational library science coursework

Attention to detail, initiative, and good communication skills a must

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