Research Data Management Specialist: Digital Initiatives

Posted to IASSIST on: 2019-09-26

Employer: McGill University

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The McGill Library seeks a creative, knowledgeable, and entrepreneurial Research Data Management Specialist to spearhead the development and implementation of strong research data management services at the McGill Library, promote good data management practices within the McGill community, and expand research data partnerships on campus.

Primary Purpose of Position

Spearheads the development and implementation of strong research data management services at the McGill Library, promotes good data management practices within the McGill community, and expands research data partnerships on campus.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Guide, formalize, and grow the implementation of the Library’s research data management services. Ensure services support funder, publisher, and disciplinary requirements, expectations, and norms, are in accordance with emerging best practices for research data management in research institutions, and match McGill campus-wide research data management framework. Ensure the Library provides adequate and up-to-date documentation for users in support of these services.
  • Provide outreach and individual consulting to campus researchers and research groups on the fundamentals of research data management issues, including data management planning, funding agency requirements, data citation practices, open data, and research data lifecycle management.
  • Work collaboratively with McGill Library’s subject liaison librarians to provide discipline-specific, in-depth advice on applying data management best practices to individual research projects within the McGill context. Provide support to public services staff in their interactions with researchers that involve the production or curation of research data.
  • In collaboration with staff from the Office of the Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation), build knowledge and awareness of research data management issues and practices among Library staff, campus partners, and the campus research community.


  • Expand and solidify the Library’s campus partnerships for research data support, such as those with the Office of the Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation), the Office of Sponsored Research, key faculties and departments, and Associate Deans for Research. Represents the Library in key campus venues related to research data management.
  • Develop and keep up to date written plans and goals for the implementation of Library-based research data management services and support the Office of the Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) and other campus stakeholders in setting and assessing benchmarks for the growth of campus research data management practices and adherence to local frameworks.
  • Stay abreast of provincial, national, and international research data management infrastructure initiatives, policy developments, and professional practices, and integrate these into daily work.
  • Manage selected Library technology projects related to research data management.



  1. D. in a research data-focused discipline.
  2. Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of research data curation trends and issues in the Canadian academic environment, including Canadian research data initiatives; disciplinary, institutional, and collaborative data repositories; funder and publisher mandates; data citation principles and practices; research data lifecycle best practices; and data management planning.
  3. Ability to translate overall best practices in research data management into concrete advice for individual researchers, in specific domains, and in the McGill context.
  4. Demonstrated skill in describing complex concepts in a simple and convincing way. Ability to adjust explanations and training methods to specific audiences, especially researchers, university administrators, and library staff.
  5. Experience applying entrepreneurial approaches to building awareness, advocacy, and education programs, and assessing their effectiveness.
  6. Demonstrated project management skills for technical and service design initiatives.
  7. Highly developed oral and written skills and ability to communicate clearly and concisely.
  8. Ability to interact effectively and work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders, including academics and technology staff.
  9. Creative and analytical thinking skills and good problem solving ability


Ability to effectively participate in Quebec-wide committee work conducted primarily in French.

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