Research Data Management Program Manager

Posted to IASSIST on: 2019-07-07

Employer: UC Berkeley

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UC Berkeley is seeking a service-oriented, collaborative and inclusive Research Data Management Program Manager whose principal role will be to oversee the RDM Program, a program with university-wide scope that is a partnership between the University Library and Research, Teaching and Learning Services (RTL). Working collaboratively with a diverse team of experts from multiple campus departments, the RDM Program Manager ensures the effective design, coordination, and delivery of the Program’s services, initiatives and projects. They are a campus resource on local, national and international RDM developments and activities and their impact on scholarly inquiry and instruction.

The RDM Program Manager leads efforts to establish a robust service that provides tools, consulting and education to researchers across campus. In partnership with campus librarians, staff in RTL, academic departments, campus administrators, campus IT service providers, and the UC California Digital Library, the position develops educational materials, deploys technologies, and provides direct assistance to UC Berkeley scholars on a broad range of topics related to Research Data Management. The position formulates program strategies, goals, and plans; directs and controls the program budget and related resources; and administers the full range of the program’s operations and projects that address complex issues facing researchers working with different kinds of research data, including restricted and sensitive data that are subject to different policies and legal frameworks.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Directs and administers the Research Data Management program with complete administrative and programmatic responsibility.
  • Facilitates efforts of participating staff from Research, Teaching and Learning Services (RTL) and the University Library, and leads collaborations with participating staff and leadership in multiple campus departments to ensure interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Identifies and pursues funding opportunities and revenue streams, including the development of grant proposals in partnership with researchers.
  • Leads programmatic activities to develop and implement new services that address significant risks to campus responsibilities regarding research data
  • Participates in the program budgeting and accounting processes to support the financial infrastructure of the program.
  • Supervises undergraduate and graduate student employees.
  • Assesses program’s effectiveness in the areas of consulting, training, communication, outreach, service development, gathers metrics, and recommends and implements changes to program’s content, policies and procedures accordingly.
  • Participates in local, national and international professional organizations and activities, representing campus in efforts to develop Research Data Management services, practices, and knowledge.

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