Survey Associate

Posted to IASSIST on: 2019-05-22

Employer: VentureWell

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Measuring impact and strengthening and improving our programs is an important part of our work. In this role you will work closely with our evaluators to implement and conduct surveys and other online questionnaires. This position is part of our growing data systems and monitoring team, and will contribute to strengthening and expanding our data pipeline and resulting data products.


  • Build and manage surveys and other online questionnaires.
  • Work collaboratively with others to ensure the successful development, launch, and monitoring of surveys.
  • Ensure that survey design aligns with existing data model and technical requirements.
  • Ensure data integration and CRM configuration best practices and standards are upheld.
  • Produce documentation of the questionnaire development process, data collection methods, and other decision points as needed
  • Set up and manage the integration between data collection tools and Salesforce CRM.
  • Monitor and evaluate survey progress and performance.
  • Review, classify, and record survey data in preparation for analysis.
  • Prepare and present summaries of survey data, including tables, graphs, and factsheets that describe survey techniques and results as needed.


  • Bachelor’s degree required or equivalent experience
  • Experience with survey form design and survey methodology
  • Proven experience with systems integration and administration
  • Comfortable giving and receiving feedback, including facility toward open debate and data-driven advocacy that is direct, constructive, compassionate, and results in better products and client outcomes
  • Experience with coding language and visualization a plus
  • Salesforce and third party application integration experience a plus

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