Social Science Research Data Curator

Posted to IASSIST on: 2019-02-25

Employer: University of California, Santa Barbara

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The UC Santa Barbara Library is responding to recent and exciting changes in scholarship that include the increasing use of digital data and computational methods; expanding and novel cross-disciplinary data reuse; new emphases on transparency and reproducibility; concern for preservation and long-term usability; and the rise of new forms of scholarly communication including data publication and open access publishing. The UC Santa Barbara Library seeks a collaborative, dynamic scholar to foster excellence in data curation.

Reporting to the Director of the Data Curation Program, the Social Sciences Data Curator is responsible for the planning and implementation of scholarly initiatives in support of data-intensive research and digital scholarship in the social sciences on campus with the goal of ensuring the high functionality, discoverability, and preservability of digital research data throughout its lifecycle. As part of a growing team of data curators, the candidate will make substantial contributions to his/her primary area of responsibility as well as collaborate with other team members in addressing curation of data from other disciplines.

In collaboration with data curators, social sciences subject librarians, and the staff of the Interdisciplinary Research Collaboratory (IRC), the Social Sciences Data Curator will create and implement the Library’s support plan for social sciences researchers. The candidate will:

•Provide data management consultations and referrals to campus data creators in support of the research mission of the university. •Build and contribute expertise in information trends and research methods in social sciences and related disciplines. •Be embedded into or otherwise participate in campus research projects. •Outreach to faculty and assist with adoption of new data management and curation tools and services in support of faculty research within data science. •Build and maintain online data management aids and other documentation. •In coordination with the IRC, organize public events and lead trainings and workshops in the areas of social science data tool use, and data analysis, publication, management, and curation.

The Social Sciences Data Curator will contribute to local, regional, and national discussions and initiatives in data curation and digital scholarship, including the UCSB Digital Arts & Humanities Commons. Additionally, as a member of the greater University of California scholarly community, the candidate will participate in systemwide working groups and efforts, and work with the University of California Curation Center (UC3) at the California Digital Library to help develop and promulgate new systemwide services.


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