Department Head, Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship

Posted to IASSIST on: 2018-03-20

Employer: The University of Arizona

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The University of Arizona Libraries seek a dynamic and forward-thinking Head of the Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship (ODIS) to provide leadership and direction for several areas of strategic importance. ODIS is responsible for a range of digital services including digital stewardship and data architecture, digital scholarship, data sciences, research and geospatial data services. and scholarly communication. The Department Head will be a member of the Libraries Cabinet (leadership, policy and management team) and reports to the Vice Dean of Libraries.

This is an exciting time to join the UA Libraries and ODIS. The department recently added four library faculty to increase our capacity for work in digital scholarship, digital preservation, data science, and data curation. We are assessing our current digital collection workflows and strategies and are launching new collaborative digital preservation efforts. We have established connections with many faculty and students on campus through our digital scholarship, data science and research data curation programs, and are actively expanding our networks. The Department Head of ODIS will be responsible for leadership, management, and planning for the services and functions of the Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship, which includes 12 FTE permanent professionals and a team of graduate assistants and student employees. ODIS members work collaboratively, engaging the strengths and knowledge of all members of the department. The Department Head will coordinate and facilitate leadership currently in place among ODIS faculty and staff, and will develop collaborations and partnerships both within the Libraries and across campus. The Department Head is responsible for supporting ODIS members’ professional development, including coaching and guiding library faculty through the promotion and continuing status process. The Department Head will also be responsible for ensuring that department planning furthers the strategic directions for the Libraries and campus.

The Department Head will also be appointed to a continuing status track, academic professional position at the rank of Associate or Full Librarian. Incumbents are members of the general faculty and are entitled to all accompanying rights and privileges granted by the Arizona Board of Regents and the University of Arizona. Retention and promotion are earned through achievement of a record of excellence in position effectiveness, scholarship, and service.

The Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship (ODIS) at the University of Arizona Libraries engages and innovates across a range of services and content in support of the University’s mission and strategic plan. ODIS provides services to the University community that encompass data management, campus repository, metadata, journal hosting and publishing, scholarly communication, open access, digital scholarship, digital preservation, data science, and geospatial data. ODIS also leads and contributes to a variety of national and international collaborative efforts, including TRAIL (Technical Report Archive and Image Library) and the Afghanistan Digital Collections. ODIS is active in campus-wide efforts related to scholarly activity and research data, participates in the University’s Research Computing Governance Committee, leads the institution’s faculty activity reporting efforts, and collaborates with the University’s Office of Research, Discovery and Innovation, and University Information Technology Services. In this process, ODIS collaborates with faculty and staff throughout the University Libraries and across campus. ODIS is responsible for strategic and programmatic planning and oversight of the Libraries digital collections and digitization activities, and coordinates strategies for exposing unique and local digital collections.


Dustines and Responsibilities

  • Provides dynamic and entrepreneurial leadership for full integration of ODIS services and initiatives to expand its impact within the Libraries and across the University of Arizona community.

  • Works collaboratively with members of the department to build relationships and pursue opportunities across campus, regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • Provides an environment for ODIS to innovate and experiment with services to meet campus needs.

  • Manages a suite of budgets totaling approximately $1 million in personnel and services.

  • Fosters professional development of staff to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment; actively supports a workplace culture that values and promotes a partnership and service philosophy.

  • Works in collaboration with others in the Libraries and across campus, to provide strategic, collaborative, and programmatic planning for and oversight of the Libraries digital collections and digitization activities, including digital preservation and digital asset management efforts.

  • Works closely with the University of Arizona Press to develop new and innovative digital publishing efforts.

  • Works closely with campus units to establish partnerships in support of efforts to capture, steward and share the scholarly record and research outputs of the University.

  • Participates as a member of the Libraries’ senior management team (Cabinet), representing ODIS needs and perspectives on Cabinet as well as contributing to organization-wide decision making.

  • Assesses and communicates the impact and contributions of ODIS to the Libraries, University, and beyond.

  • Anticipates, initiates, and responds to changes in the environment, and keeps abreast of trends that impact higher education and the library profession to ensure that the Libraries and the University achieve their goals.

  • Embraces ambiguity in a changing environment and is committed to continual professional development, improvement, and learning.

  • The University Libraries supports the UA’s diversity and inclusiveness strategic initiatives designed to create an inclusive environment for all faculty, staff, and students. The candidate is expected to support diversity and inclusiveness efforts in the department and college.

  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Knowledge of current trends with academic research libraries and services.

  • Knowledge and understanding of current trends and use of scholarly activity data, bibliometrics, and integrations with other campus data.

  • Knowledge and understanding of data management and data management planning.

  • Knowledge and understanding current trends in scholarly communication and open access.

  • Knowledge and understanding of library and university press publishing efforts and strategies.

  • Knowledge and understanding of digital preservation practices in libraries and archives.

  • Knowledge and understanding of digitization workflows and practices.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Ability to coach and mentor direct reports.

  • Ability to work in and manage a highly collaborative and inclusive environment, one that values and leverages the benefits of diverse perspectives.

  • Positive attitude and strong demonstration of Our Values: Collaboration, Continuous Learning, Diversity, Innovation, and Integrity

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in library/information science from an [ALA]{.caps}-accredited institution; or other relevant advanced degree.
  • Substantial leadership, management, and supervisory experience in an academic research environment or equivalent.
  • Experience managing budgets.
  • Achievements in position effectiveness, service, and scholarship necessary to be hired at the rank of Associate or Full Librarian with continuing status (equivalent to tenure). Demonstrable abilities to lead and support department faculty across the continuum of rank.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Substantial experience in one or more of the following areas: digital stewardship and data architecture, digital scholarship, data sciences, research and geospatial data services. and scholarly communication.
  • Experience with strategic planning and implementation.
  • Successful project and portfolio management experience.

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