Data Visualization and GIS Specialist, University Libraries

Posted to IASSIST on: 2017-09-12

Employer: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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As a key member of the newly-formed Department of Knowledge Production, the Data Visualization& GIS Specialist will design and deliver individual and group instruction related to information visualization through face-to-face and virtual learning experiences. Through outreach to faculty, students, and interdisciplinary campus groups, the Specialist exercises leadership and expertise in developing and evolving data visualization as a key aspect of information literacy and knowledge creation across disciplinary boundaries. Additionally, the Specialist will identify, investigate, evaluate, and implement emerging hardware, software, and technologies related to data visualization and GIS capabilities in order to connect the Libraries with the emerging data needs of the University.

**Required **

  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university and one year related professional in an academic or public library setting or other type of educational setting.
  • Demonstrated skill, and capacity to teach and engage students in ways that contribute to student success
  • Working knowledge and/or experience with data visualization and GIS technology and practices
  • Interest in developing infrastructure for geospatial and data visualization projects in libraries
  • Knowledge of the intersections of spatial and non-spatial data in disciplinary and interdisciplinary spaces such as GeoHumanities
  • Current experience with and/or working knowledge of data analyzation packages such as SPSS, STATA, R, and atlas.ti
  • Proficiency in at least one of the following applications for facilitating data research: Python, Ruby, SQL, R, or Make
  • Working knowledge and/or experience with Adobe Creative Cloud products and an interest in creating compelling visuals based on quantitative and qualitative data
  • Ability to explore, test, and recommend emerging technologies for exploration in data and GIS services using evidence-based research and design principles
  • Aptitude for developing and supporting community-driven learning experiences
  • Ability to educate faculty, staff, and students in individual and group settings
  • Ability to work creatively, collaboratively, and effectively to promote teamwork, diversity, equality, and inclusiveness within the Libraries and the campus
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills including the ability to describe relatively complex technical concepts to a non-technical audience

**Preferred **

  • Demonstrated aptitude for quickly learning new tools and technologies
  • Current experience with and/or working knowledge of geospatial data and GIS software packages including ArcGIS, ESRI Storymaps, and other ESRI products
  • Understanding of data research lifecycle and specific aspects such as data identification, management, analyzation, and visualization
  • Demonstrated proficiency with any combination of contemporary operating systems (Windows, macOS, etc.) and productivity software (Microsoft Office, Google Apps, etc.). Working knowledge of library-related software (Springshare, LSPs, etc.)
  • Knowledge of information literacy principles as they apply to the creation of new knowledge is preferred
  • Degree in statistics, data science, or geography

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