Data Mining Course Developer Position

Posted to IASSIST on: 2017-07-20

Employer: University of Notre Dame

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The University of Notre Dame’s new online data science M.S. program seeks an experienced and engaging instructor to teach a 3 credit, graduate level course in Data Mining in the Spring 2018 semester. In addition to teaching the live sessions, the instructor will work with the Program Director and a team of faculty, learning designers, and multimedia specialists to review and supplement the existing asynchronous materials for the course (e.g. videos, assignments, and screencasts).

Data Mining Building on the quantitative foundations established in the first semester, and utilizing the programming language Python, this course introduces students to the entire process and lifecycle of data science, including data acquisition, data understanding, data quality analysis, relevant machine learning methods, communicating results, aspects of deploying and monitoring the models, and finally the ethical considerations in managing and processing data. Throughout the course, students implement and experiment with the concepts and methods of the data science process, and apply them to real world datasets. Finally, students engage with the ethical and regulatory challenges of data science in the contemporary business context. Spring Semester. (3 credits)

Format and instructor role Data Mining is a 3 credit course delivered fully online, blending asynchronous study with weekly online video-conference seminar/recitation. There are two sections of the course (each capped at 20 students) which meet for 90 minutes each week. Some asynchronous courseware, assignments, and documentation for the course have been created. The instructor will guide the students through active learning and discussion in synchronous sessions, implement the asynchronous courseware and design, provide guidance and feedback on assignments, offer regular virtual office hours, evaluate student work, and support students in the learning process. The instructor will also interact with program faculty and enrolled students as an energetic, supportive and professional advocate for student learning and career success in the field of data science. The effort required of the instructor is equivalent to that of an on-campus professional graduate course.

  • PhD in a quantitative, technical, or computational field is required with experience in data science or machine learning.
  • Evidence of successful teaching experience at the University level is required.
  • Experience teaching in an online environment is preferred.
  • Industry experience as a data scientist or academic experience in data science is required.
  • Physical presence is South Bend is not required.

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