GIS and Data Visualization Specialist

Posted to IASSIST on: 2017-05-31

Employer: The Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the School of Architecture and Planning, MIT

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Position:  Full time multi-year position as a Geoprocessing and Data Visualization Specialist starting July 2017.  This is a 12-month appointment with the possibility of extension for two or more years.

Description:  The Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the School of Architecture and Planning, MIT is seeking a full-time staff person to assist with various GIS, data visualization and graphics training needs of the department.  The staff/specialist will assist faculty and students across the department with GIS, Data Visualization, graphics and media related projects. The Specialist will provide teaching support which includes: developing materials and exercises for online tutorials and exercises on the Department’s DUSPviz website; coordination of workshops; extensive involvement in GIS instruction and development of visualization and related media and graphic representation skills; assisting with the development of GIS courses, and coordinating data for teaching and research.  The Specialist will also work closely with the School’s Computer Resource Organization (CRON) and the MIT Library GIS lab to ensure coordination and compatibility with School and Institute software, hardware, and geo-processing services.

Minimum Qualifications:  A graduate (master’s) degree in planning, architecture, landscape architecture, geography or related fields is required. Minimum 2 years of professional experience using GIS in a professional or research environment. We are especially interested in candidates that can demonstrate familiarity with the connection between design and social sciences. Candidates should be able to create compelling visuals while also understanding the statistical underpinnings of the data. Candidates should be familiar with database systems, such as MS-Access, PostgreSQL, and PostGIS, and comfortable working with statistical packages such as R. While the main focus of the work will be using ESRI products, we are also looking for candidates that have familiarity with open source geospatial software and mapping tools, such as QGIS, Mapbox, Leaflet, and CARTO.  Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite and knowledge of web site development is also essential. Also desired but not mandatory, knowledge of architecture programs such as CAD or Rhino. 

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