Research Data Management Systems Librarian

Posted to IASSIST on: 2017-04-19

Employer: Queen’s University Library and Scholars

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Queen’s University Library is looking for a Research Data Management Systems Librarian to join our team and play a key role in building the infrastructure needed to support students and faculty at Queen’s University with the management of research data, including big data generated by computationally intensive research programs. In developing this infrastructure we are partnering with Scholars Portal, a technology support service for Ontario’s 21 academic libraries with experience in managing large collections of scholarly resources and building infrastructure to support digital preservation and access at scale.

The Librarian will work at Queen’s University and participate as a member of the Scholars Portal Data and GIS Services team to develop a local and provincial research data management infrastructure integrated into a larger developing network of data management services across Canada. To achieve this vision, the Librarian will collaborate with the Centre for Advanced Computing and other partners at Queen’s University, coordinate with other academic libraries in Ontario and participate in the efforts of Portage, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries' initiative working to help local and regional infrastructure developers integrate at the national level.

  • An ALA accredited M.L.S./M.L.I.S. degree or equivalent
  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate, implement and manage applications and web-based solutions using a variety of technologies (e.g. Dataverse, Archivematica, Islandora, Hydra)
  • Knowledge of emerging technologies and an awareness of the opportunities and challenges they present to the academic, research and library environments
  • Proven technical abilities and demonstrated knowledge of databases and other applications and utilities used to manage and transfer data between different systems
  • Familiarity with the research data lifecycle and research processes
  • Familiarity with semantic web and linked open data concepts
  • Familiarity with metadata standards and formats used in research (e.g. Dublin Core, DDI, ORCID, DOI)
  • Understanding of issues related to digital preservation
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, oral and written communication skills
  • Strong service philosophy and a commitment to effective user experiences
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in both team-based and self-directed environments
  • Demonstrated ability to work collegially and cooperatively within and across organizations with a diverse range of stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to win the trust and confidence of faculty and other stakeholders
  • Dedication to continuous learning and development and the ability to work in a rapidly changing environment

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