Digital Preservation Librarian or Specialist, Assistant/Associate

Posted to IASSIST on: 2017-03-16

Employer: University of Arizona

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The University of Arizona Libraries’ Office of Digital Stewardship and Innovation (ODIS) seeks an enthusiastic, innovative, service-oriented professional as a Digital Preservation Specialist to develop the Libraries’ digital preservation strategy and program. The incumbent will collaborate with colleagues in ODIS, across the Libraries, and across campus to develop digital strategies, policies, processes, system requirements, and partnerships around the long-term preservation of digital assets under the libraries’ stewardship.

This position will collaborate closely with colleagues across various programs, including digital projects teams in Special Collections, technologists working on digital preservation repository administration, as well as institutional repository staff regarding preservation planning. The Digital Preservation Specialist will monitor trends and best practices in digital preservation and incorporate corresponding workflows across the libraries. This role will guide best practices and workflow integration between systems across the libraries to enable long-lived digital objects. The incumbent will report to the head of ODIS.

This is a continuing-eligible or continuing track, academic professional position. Incumbents are members of the general faculty and are entitled to all accompanying rights and privileges granted by the Arizona Board of Regents and the University of Arizona. Retention and promotion are earned through achievement of a record of excellence in position effectiveness, scholarship, and service.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop digital preservation strategy for UA Libraries
  • Collaborate with Special Collections, Technology Strategy and Services (TeSS), and other library departments on digital preservation efforts such as digital preservation repository development and administration, digital forensics applications, born-digital special collections workflows, and audio-visual digitization best practices
  • Collaborate with TeSS to build out requirements for digital preservation repositories and storage infrastructure
  • Work with the data curation librarian to enhance data curation services within the research data services portfolio
  • Build out existing digital stewardship programs such as web archiving, preservation policy development, and implementation
  • Continue to grow strategic partnerships with campus such as with high performance computing, campus IT storage infrastructure projects, and campus museums digital stewardship efforts
  • Develop digital library and digital reformatting best practices as they relate to digital preservation
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Master’s degree in library/information science from an [ALA]{.caps}-accredited institution or advanced degree in a relevant field
  • Demonstrated experience with digital preservation systems, standards, workflows, and processes
  • Experience with preservation metadata standards and digital preservation tools
  • Evidence of the ability to achieve continuing status (equivalent to tenure) if hired into librarian track, including contributing to the information/library profession and to fulfilling the responsibilities of a library faculty member through service and scholarship


  • Experience with system architecture planning around digital preservation repositories and related systems
  • Experience with program development
  • Experience articulating system requirements for library services and workflows

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