Research Data Management Librarian or Specialist, Assistant/Associate

Posted to IASSIST on: 2017-03-16

Employer: University of Arizona

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The University of Arizona Libraries’ Office of Digital Stewardship and Innovation (ODIS) seeks an enthusiastic, innovative, service-oriented professional as a Research Data Management Librarian/Specialist to further develop the Libraries’ data management services. The incumbent will collaborate with colleagues in ODIS, across the Libraries, and across campus to provide coordinated support for research data management and curation that is responsive to local needs while informed by current developments in data management policy and technology. This newly created position will report to the Data Curation Librarian.

This position will serve two major purposes. 1) Provide data management and curation support for research projects such as recommending data management technology and tools, metadata standards in collaboration with the metadata librarian, and assist researchers in depositing their data in disciplinary repositories or the Campus Repository. 2) Work with the data curation librarian to expand data management and curation services and programs focusing on reaching out to campus to provide a variety of educational support for data management and data curation, including engagement with graduate and diverse students around best practices.

This position will also collaborate with the project manager for the campus Researcher Information Management system, UA Vitae, to integrate research data into the researcher’s portfolio.

Incumbents in continuing or continuing track academic professional positions are members of the general faculty and are entitled to all accompanying rights and privileges granted by the Arizona Board of Regents and the University of Arizona. Retention and promotion are earned through achievement of a record of excellence in position effectiveness, scholarship, and service.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with the data curation librarian to expand data management and curation services and programs
  • Plan and deliver data management workshops and instruction sessions to various colleges, departments and other units on campus
  • Provide support for research projects, such as advice on data management plans, recommendations on appropriate data management tools and services, and appropriate metadata standards to use (in collaboration with the Metadata Librarian)
  • Keep up to date on funders’ data management policies, integrating any changes into [ODIS]{.caps} materials and programming
  • Work with data curation librarian in planning projects for the Research Computing Governance Committee, Data Management and Curation Subcommittee
  • Provide leadership on engaging UA librarians with data management information relevant to their portfolios
  • Work with Research Discovery and Innovation ([RDI]{.caps}) and University Information Technology Services ([UITS]{.caps}) on joint projects, including data management infrastructure support
  • If hired in the librarian, continuing-status track position, this position actively contributes to the library profession through research, service and scholarship, and engages in faculty governance of the Libraries and the University through service in the Library Faculty Assembly and on appropriate University committees. As a faculty member, this individual will help to develop innovative approaches to enhancing student engagement, increasing diversity, and expanding collaborations with community and business partners.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Master’s degree in library/information science from an [ALA]{.caps}-accredited institution or advanced degree in a relevant field
  • Demonstrated experience with data management practices and research data management tools
  • Background or experience teaching and developing instructional content for data management in an academic environment
  • Evidence of the ability to achieve continuing status (equivalent to tenure) if hired into librarian track, including contributing to the information/library profession and to fulfilling the responsibilities of a library faculty member through service and scholarship


  • Experience working with several metadata schemas such as Dublin Core, [METS]{.caps}, or [CSDGM]{.caps}
  • Experience using data analysis software
  • Experience working with high performance computing centers or other large computational and data storage services
  • Demonstrated knowledge/understanding of digital preservation theory and principles
  • Experience with research tools like electronic laboratory notebooks, research workflow tools like [OSF]{.caps} or Figshare

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