Research Data Workflows Specialist

Posted to IASSIST on: 2017-01-13

Employer: University of Michigan

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The Research Data Workflows Specialist will advance the library’s mission to create and sustain data services for the c­ampus that support the mission of the University of Michigan researchers through Research Data Services (RDS), a new and growing initiative that will build the next generation of data curation systems. A key focus of this position will be to understand and connect with the various disciplinary workflows on campus in order to inform the development of our technical infrastructure and data services.

The Research Data Workflows Specialist position is centered on understanding and implementing solutions around researcher workflow needs with regard to data intake, transfer, dissemination, and curation. In partnership with library and campus stakeholders, this position will be responsible for developing an understanding of existing technical infrastructures, tools, and workflows (such as through GlobusHydra and Fedora) used by researchers at the university and how these workflows could be applied, augmented or reimagined to ensure or enhance the value of research data to disciplinary communities or the general public. The successful candidate will provide expert consultation and instruction on the technical aspects of data management and curation to research communities. The incumbent will connect the library to the University’s data science initiatives, build relationships with data science practitioners and personnel who provide support, and serve as the liaison to the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS).   


  • Actively engage in the continuing development of the university’s data repository (Deep Blue Data), particularly in workflow design and implementation.
  • Work with team to grow RDS and create a consistent and sustainable support service for integrating workflows across researcher tools and systems.
  • Collaborate on and inform assessment efforts to better understand researcher practices, infrastructures and workflows across the data lifecycle, translating and integrating this information into developing workflows and pipelines to ingest data into the Deep Blue Data repository and/or other open repositories as appropriate.
  • Engage with the University of Michigan’s growing data scientist community, MIDAS in particular, to understand their data management, sharing and curation needs.
  • Partner with colleagues to develop an understanding of available tools and infrastructure and develop responses to address the needs of the data scientist community.
  • Develop workflows to assist users of Deep Blue Data to connect to data analysis, visualization and other tools used by U-M researchers to consume data.
  • Serve as a resource on technical issues with research data.
  • Develop and provide guidance and instructional material on discovery, acquisition and use of available research data.


  • ALA-accredited Master’s degree or equivalent combination of a relevant advanced degree and experience.
  • Experience analyzing and documenting workflows and procedures.
  • Demonstrated time management and project completion skills.
  • Knowledge of data storage environments and data transfer tools.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team-based environment.
  • Understands and values diversity and the importance of inclusion as demonstrated through a commitment to apply and incorporate the differences, complexities, and opportunities that diversity brings to an organization.


  • Understanding of the scholarly communication environment and processes.
  • Knowledge of digital repository or content managements systems.

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