Data Analyst and Business Information Librarian

Posted to IASSIST on: 2016-12-15

Employer: Vanderbilt University

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The Data Analyst and Business Information Librarian will be a member of a dynamic team of information service providers, that delivers analytical research assistance and instructional programing for students and faculty at the Walker Management Library in support of the MBA, Masters of Finance, Masters of Accountancy (Assurance and Valuation), and FMRC Research Center. The successful candidate will provide expert advice, consultation and education for researchers with interdisciplinary data-intensive research needs at Vanderbilt University. Responsibilities include, providing advice on data analysis software packages, statistical and qualitative data analysis, and data collection, management visualization, and preservation. The librarian will participate in the library liaison program using innovation and creativity to connect with library users. Key functions may vary over time and by department but will include all of the following: utilizing new and traditional approaches to deliver comprehensive library and research services to scholars across the university campus; and cultivating relationships with students, faculty, and researchers. In an environment of continual learning and improvement, a successful candidate will apply new knowledge to teach research methods, and provide data solutions, polished presentations and consultations.

Data Analyst and Curation Specialist, Vanderbilt University

Assist researchers with data analysis, programming, manipulation, visualization tools, and techniques · Skill sharing in the development of metadata schema, standards and practices, for research projects · Work with subject specialists and technologists to increase skills and knowledge of data resources and methods 

Business Information Specialist, Management Library

  • Provide assistance to individual faculty and students with a specialization in business, finance, markets and accounting · Develop, evaluate and manage business and financial markets collections for curriculum support and research · Provide course-integrated library, research and dataset instruction, and develop instructional materials  

All professional staff are expected to participate on library committees or other library strategic initiatives as an integral component of their responsibilities. Professional librarians fulfill multiple roles, many of which are structured around liaison relationships with particular departments and/or subjects within the University.  


  • Advanced degree in Library & Information Science, Business, Economics, Statistics, or related discipline
  • One to two years related work experience
  • Demonstrated knowledge of, and experience with business, economics or social science data sources and information
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate in a classroom setting and prepare instructional materials
  • Demonstrated knowledge of statistical and software such as MATLAB, R, SAS, SPSS, STATA, and Tableau
  • Experience cleaning and converting multiple data formats, including CSV, JSON, RDF, and XML
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Solid analytical and decision making skills
  • Excellent computer skills with experience using word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software 



  • Experience with programming languages, such as R or Python, and text mining packages such as tm or pandas

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