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Posted to IASSIST on: 2016-04-14

Employer: The Health Foundation

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We are seeking a Data Manager to work together with the Senior Data Manager to develop and deliver an ambitious data management agenda. They will have the opportunity to engage with a wide network of organisations and other key stakeholders in the data field. A key part of the data management agenda is the commitment to continuous improvement of data security, both in-house and within the wider health services research community.

Although the Data Manager is expected to work collaboratively with analysts across the data analytics team, the main focus of this role will be supporting the Health Data Lab.

The post holder will be collaborating closely with Health Data Lab partners on data management and will be responsible for a regular and secure flow of data from data controllers to the Health Foundation’s Secure Data Environment, as well as quality control on incoming data and applying standardised data cleaning to regularly used datasets. The Data Manager will work with a variety of data controllers, Caldicott guardians, information governance specialists and existing research networks such as the Administrative Data Research Network.

Applicants should have a first class track record in data management, a thorough understanding of data security and an understanding of statistical methods, and the ability to write for a range of audiences.

Knowledge and experience

  1. An understanding of governance arrangements for administrative data sources in the United Kingdom, and an ability to learn and understand requirements specific to the health sector.
  2. A thorough understanding of data security.
  3. Experience of working with various suppliers of information on health and social care, such as the Health and Social Care Information Centre or other NHS organisations.
  4. Experience of working in data security and data governance.
  5. An understanding of statistical concepts and data linking methodologies.
  6. Experience of conducting analyses using large data sets, such as administrative or survey data.
  7. An interest in Statistical Disclosure Control techniques, and the ability to learn, understand and apply these.

Skills and abilities

  1. Ability to work in a diverse team and to take account of a wide range of views and opinions when making decisions.
  2. Ability to write clearly for a range of audiences, often at short notice.
  3. A can-do attitude and resilience.
  4. An ability to manage multiple projects.
  5. Proficient in statistical or data management software to an advanced level.
  6. Excellent analytical skills.
  7. Corporate approach to the post with a willingness to further the objectives of the Foundation.
  8. A person who is collegiate with proven ability to work across teams successfully.
  9. A person who is flexible, respectful of colleagues, and adaptable.
  10. A person who is open, communicative, and approachable to all staff across the organisation irrespective of role or seniority.
  11. An understanding of, and commitment to, equal opportunities and diversity.

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