Director, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

Posted to IASSIST on: 2015-10-21

Employer: University of Michigan

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Reporting to the Governing Council of ICPSR and to the Director of the Institute of Social Research (ISR), the Director of ICPSR is responsible for the operations and personnel within the Center. She or he will lead the faculty and staff, seek external funding, set policy together with the ICPSR Council and the ISR, and be prepared to speak prominently, nationally and internationally, on behalf of issues related to social science and its data infrastructure. We seek candidates whose background, experience, and vision for the future will provide innovative leadership of ICPSR in the context of the rapidly changing worlds of social science research, data, education, and information technology, as envisioned within the greater context of ISR.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. or the equivalent in a field related to the interests of ICPSR as well as significant understanding of social science research, data, and instruction. They must have a record of scholarly excellence, success in garnering external funding, recruiting and mentoring others, and leading change in an organization. Candidates must be proactive and adept builders of relationships with other institutions and agencies involved in or supporting the collection and promulgation of large-scale data. They must be clear and open communicators with staff at all levels.

Ideal candidates will have demonstrated the ability to successfully lead and manage an organization that has a diverse portfolio of funding sources. They will know how to set strategic priorities and policy for data curation and management, particularly as these relate to rapidly changing technology, user needs, institutional roles, and funding models. Strong business skills are essential. Sound judgement, intellectual and practical agility, energy, and the organizational skills to handle multiple projects simultaneously are all critical.

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