Research Associate-Data Dissemination Coordinator

Posted to IASSIST on: 2014-08-21

Employer: Carolina Population Center at UNC-Chapel Hill

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This position is for the research data dissemination coordinator for the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health). This position will promote and highlight Add Health’s original data collection efforts, provide research tools to identify and explore these data, and improve data dissemination approaches to showcase this program of research. The National Institutes of Health recently awarded a 22.7 million grant as a program project that encompasses two cores and four research projects that will collect a fifth wave of data from a cohort of 20,000 participants who have been in the study for 20 years. This program of research is based at the Carolina Population Center at [UNC]{.caps}-Chapel Hill ([]{.Object}). This position will manage the dissemination of research data generated by the Add Health project that has been collected at four time points and will be collected for a fifth time under the new grant. These data are complex and will benefit from identification and creation of new research tools for the research community to explore prior to and after obtaining them for analyses. Obtaining the data involves users meeting various requirements before access is granted. This position will be responsible for creating state-of-the-art dissemination tools and direct interaction with users to determine what the user community needs. This person will work closely with a research team that includes experts in sociology, maternal and child health, epidemiology, and data collection and management. To work with a broad user community, this person must have a combination of scientific knowledge, research data and analysis experience, and interpersonal and management skills. S he will receive general guidance from researchers senior staff and implements them with various individuals. S he must be able to develop dissemination strategies and plans, obtain feedback from the research community, and, with minimal oversight, implement those strategies. S he will assist with writing project reports and manuscripts.

A master’s degree in information sciences, social sciences or public health, or related area is required.

A minimum of two years of experience in managing or directing a research data repository involving multiple projects and a large number of data files is desirable. The following are all desirable skills: Familiarity with sensitive data security requirements, [IRB]{.caps} processes, data use agreements, and data security plans. Familiarity with databases for management of information to track data users. Programming skills to review datasets, link documentation (questionnaires, codebooks). Experience updating web site content and contributing to review of web site design. Experience with data discovery (metadata) tools such as [DDI]{.caps} that allow searching, filtering, variable searches, standard taxonomy for tagging, and methods for tagging information. Familiarity with social science or public health data. Demonstrated excellent communication skills with a broad social science public health user community. Extensive understanding of research data and some experience as a research programmer or analyst. Familiarity with Google Analytics, [SAS]{.caps}, Stata, statistical transfer software, encryption software, and [XML]{.caps} desirable. S he must have outstanding organizational and management skills. S he must be able to develop plans and timelines for research and technical activities, anticipate and solve problems, prioritize competing demands, and work independently. Ability to coordinate activities among a variety of individuals.

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