Senior Project Manager

Posted to IASSIST on: 2014-08-18

Employer: Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)

Employer URL:


Plan, establish, oversee, coordinate and manage development projects for CESSDA. Make project applications and descriptions.

Principal duties or key objectives:

  1. Research and plan projects, in conjunction with the Managing Director and other staff members
  2. Reviews plans and schedules projects and their deliverables, goals and milestones for internal and external projects
  3. Liaise with CESSDA Service Providers and other external stakeholders
  4. Any other duties required by the Managing Director or his/her nominee



  1. High level experience in writing project applications and project description
  2. High level experience in scientific, technical and financial project management and coordination
  3. A broad range of experience with specialist knowledge of activities, methodologies and practices (including interdisciplinary) in the area of tools and research infrastructures for the Social Sciences
  4. Knowledge of the wider landscape on Social Sciences
  5. Experience of presenting to a wide range of audiences
  6. Experience setting priorities and long term planning
  7. Experience coordinating work across different partner institutions/organisations


  1. Proficiency and experience in authoring and editing project applications, project descriptions, articles etc. in English
  2. Computer literate
  3. Willingness to keep up to date with on-going developments within Research Infrastructure and Tools for the Social Sciences
  4. Ability to communicate in a persuasive way to a wide range of audiences
  5. Ability to represent the organisation in a highly professional manner
  6. A pro-active approach to work
  7. Able to travel when required
  8. Fluent written and spoken English


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