Data Analyst

Posted to IASSIST on: 2012-02-10

Employer: MaRS Discovery District

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MaRS Discovery District ( is where science, technology and social entrepreneurs get the help they need. Where all kinds of people meet to spark new ideas. And where a global reputation for innovation is being earned, one success story at a time. MaRS is undertaking a unique and challenging program to bring together data partners from the government, commercial, academic and not for profit sectors to accelerate new innovations. MaRS is seeking a data analyst comfortable working in a fast-paced project that operates like a start-up to work with initial data sources and partners.


The Data Analyst will be responsible for ensuring the successful integration of different data sources, building key processes, assessing quality of outcome and working with external contractors (data suppliers, data integrators, visualization authors).


     Ability to import, clean, transform, validate, geocode and restructure data

  •     Ability to model data to enable integration of multiple sources
  •     Strong data manipulation skills and ability to build custom routines and processes 
  •     Ability to support and work with data management, access control and cataloguing processes
  •     Ability to generate charts, graph, tables or map visualizations
  •     Ability to work with contractors for other data integration work and help assess output
  •     Support advanced visualization needs (ability to work with contractors in creating infographics, maps and other visuals created to animate the data)


  •     Knowledge of data matching and comparison techniques, quality and out put
  •     Knowledge of geographic data and GIS software for modeling, integrating and aggregating data
  •     Ability to assess data quality, completeness and consistency


Desirable technical and software skills

  •     Strong Excel skills
  •     Basic SQL and data base skills,
  •     Data manipulation tool and language experience e.g. Google tools, scripting tools, python, MATLAB
  •     Data formats and standards, XML, RDF, RDF(S)
  •     GIS software and geocoding
  •     Statistical software skills


Educational/Experience Requirements   


    Minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent technical experience

    Demonstrates hands on expertise in working with data and understanding data quality and management issues

    Experience with a range of data manipulation tools and technologies



Personal Requirements   


    Strong team and communication skills

    Ability to communicate technical ideas or implications to others, able to identify technical implications of new ideas.

    Highly attentive to detail

    Excellent time and project management skills

    Exceptional planning and organizational skills

    Strong communications and organizational skills – oral, written, and presentation skills

    Ability to multi-task, comfortable working in a fast-paced, high energy environment

    Maturity and high level of personal integrity

    Self motivated- able to work independently or as a team member

    Personal accountability and commitment to achieving and exceeding goals and objectives

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